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Looking to gain experience in the world of SEO and digital marketing? What about PR, accounting or content writing? Work with some of the best in the business and learn from Deepak himself!


Join a global and diverse community of problem solvers and innovators. The Pearl Lemon Group Partnership Programme is designed to give partners important assignments and a real taste of what it’s like to work for a leading digital marketing agency and to learn all things you can’t from a book or a classroom. You also have the option to learn about PR, writing bespoke content for sites and much more. You could take endless classes and end up paying out the nose, or come spend some time with us and gain the skills you are looking for.

After your time with us, you’ll walk away with meaningful skills, professional work experience, and a wealth of respected industry colleagues who become important connections in your professional network.

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Become part of a leading Digital Marketing
and Sales Agency

We attract nothing but the best talent that the world has to offer. Hardworking, brilliant, and serious about making an impact for our clients, our partners, both past and present, give their thoughts on working with us. Some have even joined our full-time staff!


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Pearl Lemon Group is a remote-based company, meaning that all work, including the partnership program, takes place 100% online. Although, if you are in the London area, you are welcome to pop-in and check out our cafes!

Because we are remote, this means that, while we are based in London in the UK, we work with clients and hire people from all over the world.

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Benefits of being a part of Pearl Lemon Group

Experience working with an international team

Work with a diverse team located across the USA, UK, India, Israel, Spain, Egypt
and more.

Build your practical
SEO knowledge

Learn about cold emailing, cold calling, conversion rate optimisation, lead generation, PR, content creation and more.

leadership skills

Manage clients, lead meetings and deliver presentations

Remote work experience

No 9 to 5, work the hours, days, at anytime you want. Whether you want to work 5 days, 7 days or have a weekend in the middle of the week; you can do it.

Become more productive

Develop professional and life skills like communication, web editing, graphic design, teamwork, auditing techniques, better use of Google applications, and more

Experience working
with a start-up

As a start-up, Pearl Lemon offers a level of intensity with a learning curve to match that is hard to find in any other
type of business.

Experience with
cutting edge tools

Learn to use valuable tools like Loom, Keywords Everywhere, Screencast-o-matic, Monosnap, Canva, Paperform and more.

Being a part of
something bigger

Have an opportunity to constantly learn and train under a highly experienced team.


Thanks so much for considering a placement with us as being a worthy part of your journey to success. As you’ll hopefully see from this site – we care so so much about those who partner with us. I’m looking forward to seeing your applications roll in – in the days to come 🙂


Deepak Shukla and the Pearl Lemon team are the most unique company I've ever worked with. These people know exactly what to do and their strategies are on point. I've never worked with such a proactive team before and the experience was just so energizing. I hope to one day partner with them on long term projects for my business because I've been able to accomplish so much with them in such a short space of time. The level of productivity is unbelievable.

Dannielle Bardowell

via Trustpilot

It has been more than a year since I joined Pearl Lemon, and I must say I have seen a tremendous growth in myself.
Pearl Lemon has been an angel in disguise. From being an intern to a full time and working in a domain that I love, never feels like working.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 7.35.58 PM
Anushka Gangal

via Trustpilot

I’ve been working as an partner for Pearl Lemon and since the beginning April 2018 - I’ve been learning a lot about chrome plugins, mac applications and video based communication, focusing especially on tools that improve productivity. I am sure that the positive results from this experience will help me a lot in the future.

I definitely recommend working with and for Pearl Lemon!

73x73 (4)
Federica Gianoglio

via Trustpilot

Working at Pearl Lemon made me realise my true passion for web development. I love how accommodating everyone was when I first joined and still are. Helping each other grow is part of Pearl Lemon's culture and I can't be more proud to be part of this organisation.

Daksh Dagar

via Glassdoor

Our Divisions

Pearl Lemon SEO

SEO started it all for the Pearl Lemon Group. With years of experience in the field himself Deepak Shukla then assembled a team of seasoned experts who came together to create a company that by 2018 saw the likes of Clutch, Design Rush and Agency Spotter all rank Pearl Lemon SEO amongst the best SEO agencies in the UK. Our team of SEO experts has over 30 years of collective experience!

Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is a dynamic lead generation agency that makes use of both time tested lead generation strategies like cold email, cold calling and appointment setting and new tactics like LinkedIn lead generation and podcast and webinar outreach. The Pearl Lemon Leads team goes above and beyond to deliver results for our clients and they can do the same for you. Our bespoke omnichannel approach brings leads to your booking calendar.

Pearl Lemon Properties

The Pearl Lemon Properties team is here to help investors better understand the concept of buying below market value properties, source the right investment opportunities and find the right experts to make it all work – from builders to lawyers to financial advisors and more.

Pearl Lemon Accountants

Pearl Lemon Accountants is always available to provide you with smart, simple, and straightforward accounting and business advice, assisting in developing and growing your business at every step.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment

Pearl Lemon Recruitment was the brainchild of the Pearl Lemon team when deciding we should offer our unique approach to recruiting and hiring for other businesses as well. We only bring the best of the best into our team, so Pearl Lemon Recruitment only hires the best people for your respective niche. We also offer our unique tool to help create beautiful and professional CVs and resumes.

Pearl Lemon Convert

Making use of the latest data and analytics technologies, along with a wealth of digital marketing experience the team at Pearl Lemon Convert offer customer journey optimization and conversion optimization services and strategies that drive sustained sales growth and consistent customer satisfaction.

Pearl Lemon Sales

Pearl Lemon Sales builds successful sales programs, from initial strategy through to complete implementation that boost sales for clients fast. For those with an in house sales department already Pearl Lemon Sales also offers expert sales training.


Founded in 2020, SERPWizz is an auditing tool fresh from the innovative think-tank of award-winning SEO agency creators. SERPwizz allows companies to create white label reports that fully capture what needs to be improved in terms of SEO on a website.


Plant Sumo is a UK vegan meal prep service. By delivering innovative, exciting, and flavoursome plant-based meals, Plant Sumo celebrates nutritious and delicious plant-based food with all people no matter what they eat.