Our PARTNERS Testimonials

"My partnership as a Business Analyst is an experience that I will never forget! It let me grow professionally and as a person, and taught me the attitude "Screw it, Let's do it!". I have learned so much about start up businesses and business processes. It is amazing that you get a lot of responsibilities from day one, and get to know the company from top to bottom. The best thing for me was to feel that I can actually influence the course of the company! "
Sigita, 22
Economics Graduate (1st Class Honours) U of Westminister

“This really has been a great experience for me. I learned from Deepak’s expertise and developed better copy writing and a bigger professional network. The whole team at Pearl Lemon is extremely good at what they do.”

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Kristian Gaylord

Growth Hacker partner

"The Business Analyst Partnership has not only provided me with some invaluable and varied business experience, but also given me core entrepreneurial skills for the future. Along with constant learning, I was given the chance to take on practical tasks such as customer research, to sitting in on some important discussions and even interviews! All in all it has been a wonderfully dynamic experience with great colleagues. I would highly recommend this partnership to anyone who would like to get a good insight of various business operations."
Yugansh, 19
A-levels – Maths, Economics, ICT

“Being an partner here at Pearl Lemon has allowed a fast growth in experience on a professional level, all while being able to work my own schedule and be trusted with my initiative all while working with a highly skilled team. I’ve learned more in my first month practically than 4.5 years of education.”

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Lydia Sims

SEO Project Manager partner

“This partnership has given me hands-on experience on a wide range of tasks for business start-ups, and businesses in general. From cash flow forecasting to customer research, I was given a huge amount of responsibility. Given the opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed being an integral part of this business start up and being heavily involved in the development of the business. Through this partnership, I have now expressed an interest in business once more and will now pursue a career in this sector."
Alex, 21
U of Queen Mary’s Student, Maths

“This partnership has been a whirlwind of an experience. This partnership was highly intensive and fully immersive since day 1. It was like getting thrown in with the wolves at first, but a rewarding experience”

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Grace Baldwin

Copywriting partner

I have only been an partner at Pearl Lemon for 2 weeks but I can already tell that this is an environment that I can thrive in. Very early on, you are given tasks that have real responsibility and have a real impact on the business. This can definitely be challenging but it provides lots of opportunities to quickly develop lots of new skills. Whereas some partnerships involve doing very low level work, I feel like my tasks and my ideas to improve the business are genuinely valued. I’m loving my time here so far and I’m looking forward to continuing!
Marketing partner

“From Day 1 the challenge this partnership has provided has been amazing. The learning has been non-stop and I couldn’t have imagined choosing a better company to be with. The value and the mission of the company is great and the experience has been life changing.”

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Chadrack Buliamu

SEO partner

"I met Deepak through a mutual friend back when I was at university and I was looking for some media work. At the time, he was running two media production studios in London and since then, I’ve known him 7 or 8 years. We’ve collaborated on a number of projects, travelled to different counties, and working together. My impression of Deepak is that he’s an incredibly hardworking individual. He usually does what he says and he does it with great efficiency. His problem solving is one of the best I’ve seen in my life. I’d highly recommend Deepak to you because he does what he says and he finds solutions to problems fast. He’s a person I’d recommend highly to anyone.
Media Production partner

“I am glad I found a business like this to work with, Deepak is full of energy and driven with goals and that translates to how the business runs. If you are thinking about working with or for Pearl Lemon, you won’t regret it”

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Becky Willyard

Executive Assistant & Project Manager

"This partnership has taught me a lot about the different aspects of start-up businesses, from cash flow projections, to marketing insights and I’ve really enjoyed working in the team and collaborating with others."
Penny, 21
Economics Graduate B’gham University
“After only a short time as an partner I can already begin to tell what a worthwhile experience this is going to be. Working with a great team, doing what I enjoy (writing) in an environment that provides real challenges and responsibilities is what it's all about. If there is a problem, or I'm slightly confused, there is heaps of support and advice from everyone involved. I'm getting the chance to use my skills and share my opinions with every aspect of the company, its a positive feeling!”
Matt, 25
Creative Writing Graduate - Solent University

“I have enjoyed working with this team even though I have never met them. I have learned so much from the start. Deepak is truly one of the most wise in the field and great to work under.”

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Copywriting partner

“This partnership has greatly enhanced my business acumen. Right from the start, I was given real work and responsibility; doing customer research, designing business processes, giving presentations to investors and much more. I have grown on both a professional and personal level, all while having lots of fun with a great mentor, lovely colleagues and lots of coffee!”
Pei, 22
Sociology Graduate, U of Warwick

“It wasn’t always easy to start, there was a lot to learn. The company grows quickly, so you have to be able to keep pace. You always get feedback so you can grow personally and professionally.”

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Lincoln Green

Growth Hacker partner

My partnership as a Business Analyst was a very exciting one as I was involved daily with different activities which enhanced my intellectual ability. I gained more knowledge in carrying out research on various aspects of my work. As a hybrid IT/Business professional, I enjoyed performing various tasks involved in start-up businesses such as developing Workflow/Business Processes, Repeat Business and Guerrilla Insights. I also loved working with a team of very friendly and helpful people.
Dorcas, 27
MSC in Business, City University Graduate

“The people here are very helpful and professional. The pressure to get things done is good and the team ensures you totally understand what needs to be done, so you can do it to the best of your ability.”

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Copywriting partner