Account Manager

About Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon Group is a group of companies with a footprint in digital marketing, sales, food & beverage, game development, recruitment, accounting, consultancy and more. Based in the heart of London and serving clients worldwide. With a team of 65+ dotted across the UK, USA, Spain, Egypt India, Pakistan, the Philippines and more, we work like a silicon-valley-startup, 24/7 and have a work ethic comparable to investment bankers. It’s not a surprise when you consider their founder Deepak Shukla is an ex-Deloitte consultant and 5x ultramarathon runner.

Check out a lot of video and written testimonials of our team members as well as their weekly updates in the ‘Blog’ section and Apply Here –

Benefits of working with Pearl Lemon

  • Work remotely and manage 100% of your time
  • Massive career advancement encouraged. 
  • Ability to do the job is all we care about 
  • Success will be rewarded with recognition [via monthly awards]
  • Over 500 hours of pre-recorded training programmes available
  • Work with TEDx speakers 
  • Work with a funded startup ($700k raised)
  • Get Pearl Lemon University certifications 
  • Lay a foundation for success with Pearl Lemon
  • We have clients all the way from one-man bands to heavily funded startups to FTSE 100 companies and more 
  • Work with a team from over 15 countries, 3 offices and multiple languages
  • Clients based all over the world
  • Heavy on the job training given 
  • Get laptop upgrades and speed and productivity training as a standard
  • 75% of our leaders are promoted within and started in an entry level position
  • Google “Pearl Lemon Placement Interviews” to see what our team say about us
  • 4.6 star rating on Glassdoor from 84 write-ups
  • Many of our team have said “they have learnt more with us in 3 months than their entire academic education” or its equivalent to 2 years at other firms
  • 31% of FTSE 100 companies are led by CEOs who formerly occupied sales and marketing.positions – so come learn sales and marketing with Pearl Lemon

The Role

Pearl Lemon is looking for an Intern Account Manager who can be in charge of   

managing a company’s relationships with its customers. 

The goal is to keep clients or accounts as long as possible. This involves ensuring continuous communication with customers, sharing regular updates on their campaigns and projects we are working on as well as managing challenging situations. The Account Manager keeps a customer database and addresses and actions any needs they may have.

The Account Manager is also in charge of finding new businesses, he can be assigned to new prospects, given accounts, or a combination thereof.

Tasks may involve project management, strategic planning, sales support, service application, logistics, and marketing.

POSSIBLE Responsibilities:

  • Development of long-term relationships with accounts
  • Ensuring clients receive requested products and services in a timely manner
  • Communication of client needs and demands to the company
  • Forecast and track of client account metrics
  • Management of projects within client relationships, working to carry out client goals while meeting company goals
  • Identifying opportunities to grow business with existing clients
  • Coordination with staff members working on the same account to ensure consistent service
  • Collaboration with the sales team to reach prospective clients
  • Service for multiple clients concurrently, often meeting deadlines
  • Keeping records of client transactions

Required skills and experience:

  • Experience in helping clients
  • Skills in managing projects
  • Good at listening and understanding client problems
  • Able to tell our staff what the clients need
  • Can convince client management
  • Can handle many projects and relationships at once
  • Knows about SEO or is eager to learn
  • Good at negotiating, communicating, and presenting
  • Organized and good at managing time