Day 1
Applying for us
After Applying

After your initial application is filled out on Angel, Handshake, etc. You will be contacted within 48 hours on the platform by a team member to fill out our onboarding form and asked to reach out to Lydia.

Day 3
Interview Phase

You will be sent the official programme to be sure the terms are agreeable for yourself. Then, a brief interview will be held via WhatsApp for you to introduce yourself and discuss your application further. 

Day 7
Trial Week

After passing the interview you will join a new-starter chat to have a 3-5 day trial to be sure you are a good fit and that you will want to work  in the position you have interviewed for. You will sign an NDA, get official training, and begin sample tasks for the role you've applied for.

Day 14
Final Stages
Selection Process

Of the three potential partners chosen to trial, one is chosen to continue.

Day 15
Start of Partnship
Beginning Stages

You will be set up with an email, caricature, Trello board, and added to the internal team chat. You will also begin writing weekly partnership blog posts for this site.

Day 19
Meet The Team
Weekly Meetings

Your first official Friday. You will begin attending mandatory weekly team meetings. This is the only time most of the team gets to sit down together!

Day 21
Your first week
Daily Tasks

You will start to be handed more tasks with more variety and you will be handed additional training to expand knowledge.

Day 31
Your first month
Review your month

You will have had the chance to choose to continue on with the next five months and if so you will have an additional form to agree to the new terms and continue forward.


Get in touch with regular one-to-one meetings with Deepak to check up your progress throughout your partnership with Pearl Lemon Group. A great way to learn about potential new ideas, the company, and much more.

Monthly Performance Reviews

Monthly reviews will be held to ensure that all our partner are on track and that their skills are at the level they need to be at.

One-on-one Training

Fully tailored training is offered to develop your skills and may also provide new insights into your chosen sector

Regular In-Depth Video-Based Feedback

Frequent video feedback is provided where you're given constructive thoughts and suggestions on ways to improve


Every Friday will be a chance to talk about your productivity and learn a bit more about the team. Share what you’ve learned so far and present your work for the week. Occasionally, we will change things around a bit and play some mini-games to help break the ice.


Pearl Lemon  is a multiple-award-winning SEO & Lead Generation Agency based in the heart of London but serving clients worldwide. Our 15-strong team is dotted across the UK, USA, Romania, India, Pakistan, Philippines and more. Operating around the clock, and communicating predominantly through Whatsapp, we function more like a silicon-valley-startup and have a work ethic comparable to investment bankers. It’s no surprise considering our founder, Deepak Shukla, is an ex-Deloitte consultant and 30x marathon runner!

Check out our extensive video and written testimonials from our partners (as well as their weekly updates in the ‘Blog’ section) at Pearl Lemon Group Partner Testimonials.