We are Pearl Lemon Group, specifically the partners of Pearl Lemon. We are students, workers, explorers, and much more. Between us we are globally spread with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
We are writers, designers, marketers… all coming together to learn about the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. We write these blogs to account for our experiences in learning, in partnering and being in the world of fully remote agencies.


Head of Internal Growth
Lydia is the Head of Internal Growth for Pearl Lemon Group, based in Michigan. She is considered full-stack and does anything from research to content writing and building training. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group you can often find her lifting, boxing, running or gardening. Lydia is Certified in Google Analytics, Doula, Level 1 Cicerone, Florist and Level 1 Dog Groomer. 

Head of Design

With over six years of design experience, Kaushal is Pearl Lemon Group’s highly skilled head of design, who handles all our websites and makes them look beautiful! Outside of designing for Pearl Lemon Group, you can find Kaushal enjoying travel or hunting down new food to try.


Marketing Executive

Sam is a full-stack marketing partner at Pearl Lemon Group and is based in Cardiff, UK.  He is responsible for all things marketing and is currently seeking out partnerships with other agencies to grow Pearl Lemon Group through referrals. Outside of work, he loves playing the drums and training for his next amateur boxing match.


Marketing Associate

Tenny is Pearl Lemon Group‘s Marketing Associate and with his expertise, he leads Pearl Lemon Group‘s Marketing Operations. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find Tenny streaming, gardening or playing with dogs.


UI/UX & Web Designer

Fares has over 5 years of experience in design and programming, and currently pursuing his Computer Science degree. Fares has an eye for creativity; adding a bit of spice to websites and applications. He is also a university footballer and played with 4 different teams in his career.


Lead Generation Manager

Skylar is a lead generation manager partner at Pearl Lemon Group. She is based on Long Island, New York. Skylar is new to the team, but becoming a pro at generating leads through LinkedIn and more. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find her lying on the beach and caring for her various pets.


HR Success Manager

Federica is the HR Success Manager for Pearl Lemon Group and is based in Italy. She is in charge of the HR side of the company and mostly focused on the team’s and each member’s development. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find her walking in nature with her family or, when she lives abroad, exploring new cities, trying fun activities and attending cool events.


Digital Marketer

Phillip is a full-stack digital marketing partner for Pearl Lemon Group who is based in San Jose, California. While managing marketing campaigns both internally/externally, he handles anything and everything digital marketing related. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find Phillip spending quality time with his friends/family and working full-time as a Marketing & Sales Representative for TTI.


Marketing Executive

Paula is a Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon Group and currently resides in London. She is working on developing a growth strategy for Resumecats and learning all things marketing. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, she’s pursuing a degree in International Relations and enjoys watching fashion shows.


Digital Marketer

Benjamin is a full-stack digital marketing partner for Pearl Lemon Group living in San Luis Obispo, CA. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find Ben running or weight-training and studying Economics and Quantitative Analysis at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. 


Content Writer

Tannishtha is a Business Administration student at the University of Bath and is responsible for content writing and works closely with the SEO team! With considerable experience as the content creator at the United Nations Associations Youth Platform UK, she adds great value to the team. When she is not working, you can find Tannishtha at the gym or reading books!


Content Writer

Noah is a content writer partner at Pearl Lemon Group, where he… well, writes content. He is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he studies English because he already knows the language and Cinema Studies so he can guiltlessly watch movies. He also runs for Penn’s cross country and track & field team because he likes running in the woods and in circles. 


Content Writer

Meghan is a Content Writer for Pearl Lemon Group, based in Virginia. She helps out with writing blog posts, client posts, and internal content. Outside of work, you may find her running, reading, tending to her plants, or walking her dog. Meghan has also studied architecture and environmental sustainability.


Marketing Executive

Isabela is a marketing executive in Pearl Lemon Group, she has been one of our latest additions. She is mainly working on the marketing team of Resume Cats, social media presence and content creation of Plant Sumo and Lead Generation through Linkedin. She is currently a psychology student and you can find her out of work having a laugh with her friends, taking pictures of her cat or travelling to new places.


Marketing Executive

Akhila is a Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon Group and currently resides in India. She is focused and involved in lead generation and Human Resources. Outside of Pearl Lemon Group, you can find her walking, enjoying the rain, cuddling her kitty and visiting the Teahouse frequently with her friends.