Weekly update – 9 (Marketing Executive)

Hey Everyone! 

Hope you all are good

This is Akhila, Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon. So, I’m back here to discuss with you my 9th week at Pearl Lemon. I could see my day-to-day responsibilities increases compared to the last couple of weeks and I was more productive this week. It’s been 9 weeks since I have joined Pearl Lemon. Every day has been a new experience and new learning for me

This week I have been to my grandmother’s place which is two hours far away from my place. It was very pleasant and peaceful and was working there. I enjoyed being there with them. It was very lovely staying there. Recently we brought a few plant pots, I really love gardening and arranged them.

Coming to my work week Finally, I have completed my HR Training I was going through It for 20 days and learned the HR process of Pearl Lemon from scratch, anything you learn from scratch will give you an idea and clear understanding. It was very interesting to me because I am passionate about Human Resources since my graduation. I learned right from recruiting new Partners, managing people, giving Instructions when necessary, and more.

I was performing a few of the routine tasks like extracting leads from the clutch and the job boards. My day starts with checking the mails, applications, and messages of applicants. I was usually continuing the directory listing task registering the Pearl Lemon and Its divisions, YouTube SEO for DeepakShukla channel and I aimed for optimizing at least five videos per day and It’s going the way I organized.

This week I was more into managing and observing the Partners on trial, assigning the tasks to them, Interviewed few applicants, checked the trial Partners work, distributing the tasks and I have done a performance review for our team member and will continue in a process of training and getting used to It and working on It to be perfect.

So, This about all my week with new learnings and can be one of the busy weeks. Thanks all for reading my blog post, will get back to you all next week! Have a great weekend!

See you all!

-Akhila(Marketing Executive)