Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the eleventh update from yours truly, Rachael. 


This week has been a pretty productive one! Gotten back into the swing of things with this partnership, uni and my art. 


I was supposed to interview Beorrn, a vegan scientist from Australia on Tuesday for the podcast but unfortunately he had to cancel due to personal reasons. 🙁  Not particularly chuffed with that, but it is what it is. 


I hope he’s ok as we organised this interview at the beginning of my podcast run. But like I said before, never mind, we keep on going.


Here are the highlights of my week!!


Writing Emails For The Plant Sumo Nurture Campaign


Deepak wants to create an email nurture campaign for Plant Sumo. Now if you don’t know what a nurture campaign is, it’s basically where you use targeted emails full of engaging and relatable content to boost your consumer engagement. So of course with a nurture campaign you have certain standardised emails which have to be sent like ones for an abandoned cart, CTA (call to action emails), emails advertising seasonal offers ect. 


But you can also be really creative in drafting up unique snippets of short content, like reviews, how to’s and opinion pieces which will grab your audience’s attention. This is something I’ve really enjoyed crafting in regards to the nurture campaign, and I’ve drafted three emails of this type so far.


They are framebridge emails meaning they teach you a new skill. As the vast majority of vegans are women, and women are the biggest users of cosmetics and DIY recipes I have focused on plant based variants of this. 


The first email is of three ways to spice up tofu- braising in a glaze, frying it in panko breadcrumbs and baking it as a healthy option. 


The second is how to make fruit popsicles, a super healthy quick and easy vegan dessert option which is great for families looking to stay healthy and save money. 


The third email is of three vegan easy face masks you can make at home with cheap, all natural ingredients. These include an avocado mask which boosts the moisture of the skin, an oatmeal exfoliating mask which exfoliates dry skin and a cucumber mask which freshens and tightens the skin. 


I’m adding more emails to the campaign every day and brainstorming some new creative ideas for content driven emails. 

Writing Another Plant Sumo Blog Post 

I wrote another plant sumo blog post this week! 1.5K words. 


 A guide to everything you need to know about Seitan. I just fancied writing it, to be honest as I’ve heard a lot of buzz about seitan (seitan fried chicken especially) but didn’t actually know much about it.


The fact it was invented in ancient china is something I found absolutely fascinating. Of course it makes total sense considering the Buddhist need for a vegan protein source, but you always think about vegan proteins as being something new on the market. 


The reality is Seitan has been around for thousands of years. And it’s incredibly versatile and adapts well to almost any cuisine and combination of flavours. I’m determined to try some as soon as I can, hopefully once lockdown ends again.  

Turning Podcast Episodes Into Blog Posts 

Dee has decided he wants the podcast episodes turned into blog posts! So this week I have been organising how to approach that with Lydia, Tenny and Akhila. 


We’re thinking as many of the transcripts are incredibly long to instead have the blog posts as a recap of the podcast, called ‘Rachael’s recap’.


 I’m naturally writing these, and it’s fun to inject a lot of lightheartedness and humour into my recaps as they are supposed to be entertaining first and foremost for people who don’t enjoy listening to interviews. 


Akhila used happy scribe to transcribe the first podcast episode, the pilot where I interviewed Noah. I have spent this week between my other tasks firstly spell checking the transcript and then writing the blog recapping the interview. 


I really enjoy getting to be playful and comedic with my writing ( I do sometimes feel with guest posts especially there is less room for that kind of style) so these blogs are a blessing. I can compare myself to Joe Rogan in peace without unfounded accusations like “thats unprofessional” and “thats unrealistic”.


 Get back to me when you have people listening to your podcast in texas like I do. I checked my demographics and a huge proportion of my listeners are from Texas. Yes, Texas!!! There are texan vegans!! This is how you know you’ve made it.

Getting Started With The Hyperlink Restaurant campaign


Dee has decided for Plant Sumo we should create a hyperlink restaurant campaign where we write blog content focused on specific areas of London, reviewing vegan restaurants. Once the blogs are written we will reach out to the restaurants for PR purposes. 

So, I’ve been spending this week starting to write my first restaurant review article, which once I am done will be published on the website. Heather, our head of PR will then reach out to the associated businesses and see if we can secure some collaboration/ promotional opportunities. Excited to see how this develops in the coming week. 

So, that’s my 11th week as an partner at Pearl Lemon! Hope you enjoyed this update, and tune in to my podcast (join my beloved texan listeners, haha)