Hey Everyone! 


It’s tier two in London, it’s a blisteringly cold, wintery day here in Norfolk, and I’m curled up under a blanket with a hot mug of tea. Guess it’s time to update you on the week I had. 


So, this week has been super heavy on the writing. And honestly, I’m pretty proud! I’ve got a lot done while balancing my uni commitments. 


I’ve even had the time to start my research for my dissertation (part of which includes playing video games…we love a bit of media game theory) and finish up some essays. 


On top of all this, I’m getting published by Zapier! I’ve pitched my idea, signed the contract, and written the guest post. It’s gonna be all about my experience hosting a podcast for Plant Sumo. 


Wanna know more? Better read on….


Of course all of this is thanks to Heather and her fantastic PR, I really can’t express my gratitude enough. So here’s some heart emojis instead <3 <3 <3 


Anyway, without further ado, here’s my weekly highlights! 




Zapier Guest Blog Post 


So, as I previously mentioned- I’m getting a guest post blog published by Zapier. They are a business website, and their blog specialises in sharing helpful advice for growing your business be it big, small or freelance. 


For them I’ve written a post on how a podcast is an effective means to grow your business (especially if it’s small) due to it’s cheapness, accessibility, simplicity, authenticity and potential to become a catalyst for self growth. 


I know that hosting ‘The Plant Sumo Podcast’ has been a major source of enjoyment and self-improvement for me. 


You need self belief and spontaneity to host an entertaining podcast, so hosting one has really nurtured those qualities in me. 

And, of course, boosted my confidence. I’ve always thought about hosting a podcast on things that really fascinate me- like politics or fashion or art- but I always dismissed the idea as “nobody would listen to it”. 


Yet- on this podcast about veganism, undoubtedly a niche subject, I have 100 listeners! So truly, anything is possible. 

Medium Blogs 


So Dee wants to get Plant Sumo up and running on medium. As part of this, he  assembled together a list of high ranking SEO words for the site through the use of Serpstart. I then consolidated these key words into a content calendar with potential titles. 


From this, I used these key words to begin by writing several preliminary blogs for Plant Sumo on medium. These focused on:



On top of this I drafted posts for a lengthy opinion piece on, firstly ‘The Vegan Teacher’ Tiktok star, who is renowned for the toxic and extreme way in which she promotes her ethical beliefs. 


And secondly, athletes who are vegan! which include of course Lionel Messi (people google this a lot) Serena Williams and Sergio Aguero. I’ve mentioned them in a previous article I did on building muscle on a plant-based diet, so I’m excited to crack on with this piece next week. 


Plant Sumo Podcast Blogs 

I also continued the process of writing my Plant Sumo podcast recap blogs! This week I drafted up the recap for Salim and Melanie’s interview, and finished writing Isabele’s. 


Me and her had a pretty in depth conversation so I found it a bit challenging to select my highlights, also it was more formal than the podcast I did with say Noah, so there were less opportunities for humour. However, I still felt it came out as an entertaining piece. 


Still, all the blogs need to be edited with more personal images, which is going to be one of my tasks for next week. 


I was thinking when I can pay for the digital tablet I’m saving up fo,r i’m going to start incorporating my illustrations into the pieces- will make it feel a lot more creative and personal. 


Content Writer Training Videos. 


Almost forgot, I also recorded a series of content writer training videos this week.  The latest explaining how to turn podcasts into written content.


 The most critical thing to remember about a podcast blog is this: why would someone read it rather than listen to your podcast? 


Yes, time may be a factor, but most people read it for entertainment and further context. Meaning you need to make it as compelling, enjoyable and detailed as possible.


 It’s a real way to showcase your personality, so my biggest piece of advice in the video was to experiment creatively with comedy, images and forms of writing. 


Also remember to give plenty more context on people involved in the podcast (including you!)