Weekly Partner Update 23 – Federica (HR Success Manager)

Hi readers,

Welcome back to one of my weekly updates!

A few hours ago I met the whole team like every Friday afternoon, but this time it was not like the usual team meetings. 

Deepak decided to take some time to do a live training session and explain a few things about 

  • Sales
  • Messages and pitches to potential customers
  • Email communication with current clients
  • Mistakes that make you sound like a non-native English speaker

and more.

He started by giving a few examples of how things could be improved and then ended up continuing the training for the whole meeting. We all found it very useful and we were pretty impressed by how much learning we could do in one hour. 

Earlier this week, I actually had a 1-to-1 call with Deepak on the same topics. I was struggling getting the results I wanted with the lead generation campaigns I am running for Pearl Lemon Academy and Deepak’s insight was very helpful!

A few precious tips I would like to share with you are:

  • Always mirror the person you’re talking to – even in written messages!
  • Find a way to be professional but friendly, you don’t have to be formal!
  • Be careful of how you present things because what you think is the goldest project may seem completely useless to someone else.

There are way more things I could mention but these are among my favourite ones.


Let’s be honest: this is not only for people working in Sales. We all do sales in our life, even out of our professional career. In fact, this is translated into ‘effective communication’ which is key to all relationships with other people. 

Long story short, I have decided to invest more time and energy on this because I am sure I will see a lot of value from my efforts!

As today’s call seemed beneficial to so many people, Deepak decided to implement this as a new way of sharing knowledge. It’s another step ahead!


In terms of tasks I carried out this week, I can say I supported the team as a project coordinator, especially because several people were on trial and we gave them varied tasks to let them explore different areas. 


At Pearl Lemon Academy, I’m expecting great things now that I’ve started optimising my outreach strategy. At the moment, I’m running a few lead generation campaigns and we’re about to relaunch two cold email campaigns.

The goal is to get in contact with as many people as possible no matter what their interest in our business academy is. We’re looking forward to speaking both with potential customers and collaborators. 

So far I reached out to accomplished writers, as well as beginners, and I’m starting to speak with MBA students and partners working in different fields.

While developing ideas for our online school, we realised our offer can be wider and not only address writers. Anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing and business development can learn from Pearl Lemon’s strengths! 


A lot of time was spent on updating and improving content for the landing page we will build soon. I can’t wait to see it live!


On another note, I’m looking forward to enjoying my weekend and going for more walks in nature! This week I spent too much time sitting and especially in front of screens!


Until next week!





Written by Federica

I am highly motivated to contribute to this team and hopefully, even if on a small scale, to the future of this company.


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