Weekly Partner Update 24 – Federica (HR Success Manager)

Hi all,

Every day of this week seemed quite disorganized to me and I was never really satisfied with the work I got done. However, now that I look back at everything I did, I can actually say it’s not bad!

Pearl Lemon Academy is making progress and this makes me feel good as things start to get clearer. We’re starting to go live with a few profiles on the main social media platforms. Soon we’ll be posting regularly as Giulia is working on the social media strategy and Pearl and I are helping her with copywriting.

My role at PLA is Director of Operations and as the name suggests it, I often give directions on what the next steps are. Deciding what to do when you are at the early stages of developing a business isn’t always easy. My decisions are a result of:

  • My intuition – I often imagine what an accomplished business should have and simply work towards it.
  • Taking inspiration from Plant Sumo, a super new business which is part of the Pearl Lemon Group and was recently launched.
  • Analysing our competitors and the market needs.
  • Asking Deepak and Sam for help.

Besides that, I also take part in some tasks and give feedback to everything that Giulia and Pearl put in place. I believe that feedback is a powerful way to improve strategy – other people’s points of view often bring up aspects that you may not even see!

As mentioned in the past few weeks, I was working on lead generation for PLA but with Deepak we decided to put it on hold until I did the new training and optimised the campaigns. Today I watched a 1h45 video training that Deepak did about ‘How To Build An Expert Interview Link Outreach Process From Scratch’ and I collected lots of good tips!

Another thing I did for PLA was putting together content for our courses. At the moment we have a lot of material online but it’s spread out in different platforms. I took the time to organise them so that it will be easier to identify what content should be created and added to our training database.

Out of Pearl Lemon Academy I carried out my usual tasks about HR with a particular focus on:

  • Giving instructions to people on trial
  • Building a campaign to reach out to universities and possibly create partnerships with them
  • Watching performance review calls and giving feedback

On another note, today it snowed for the first time where I live and it was also the first time my dog saw it. She simply loved it as you can tell from this picture!

I can’t wait to play together with her this weekend!

Until my next weekly update.

Written by Federica

I am highly motivated to contribute to this team and hopefully, even if on a small scale, to the future of this company.

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