Hi everyone, I am Josephine Angela, I am a content writer. I recently joined Pearl lemon, August 7th, so it’s been almost 2 months. And what an eventful two months it’s been. 

My goal when I decided to apply for the content writing internship was to build my portfolio as a writer and possibly even practice writing food-related content. Pearl lemon looked like the best place for me to achieve that goal. 

However, even though I have always loved writing, I have also always been scared to put myself out there in any way that counts.

Pearl-Head of PR  has always believed in me as a writer, and she very ‘lovingly’ (If you know Pearl, you know) suggested that I once and for all challenge my fears, she then proceeded to send me the application link. After much deliberation, I finally garnered enough self-confidence to apply. 

During the trial week, I experienced some of the worst self-doubt and anxiety I have ever felt. I remember staying in my bed the whole day after sending in the last article just beating myself up, thinking I was going to get rejected, and that I wasn’t a good enough writer. 

So it came as a surprise to me the next day that I was accepted. I cried! But not tears of joy, ah, ah. I cried tears of fear!  Why would they choose me!?   

I didn’t know it then, but I am now learning that the beauty of this job is that it has made me face my fears. In just two months, I have had my work reviewed by multiple people that weren’t just my friends and family,  some of my work has also been published.

The validation that this whole writing dream was something I could actually do for real was a whirlwind.

The whole process surprised me in a lot of ways and I found myself writing about things I never thought I would ever write about like diamonds, real estate, forex trading, and even DVC (Which was interesting to find out about). 

Pearl lemon has been a blessing, even on the days, I wanted to quit because I still didn’t think I was good enough. 

Pearl lemon has helped me fight myself and my doubts. I even had the absolute joy to write for Plant Sumo. As a chef in training, being given the opportunity to write about food was a dream come true.

Not to mention, Akhila, Kemi, Pearl, and Celeste have made me feel so at home here. I was and maybe in a lot of ways still am the kind of person that’s terrified of speaking to strangers, let alone have the confidence to speak up and ask for help.  

However, the Pearl lemon team has been super understanding and helpful, even before I ask. 

The feedback and advice I have received from the other writers has been so amazing and very much appreciated. Which was the reason I wanted to work for a company like Pearllemon in the first place. 

I wanted to be around a team that could help me grow as a writer and teach me how to put myself out there more. 

Watching Deepak’s videos online and seeing how he spoke, how he carried himself, how he interacted with the team, how he writes!. To say the least, I was very inspired (intimidated but very inspired)

More than anything, I am looking forward to learning as much as I can from this experience. 

Thank you!