Monthly Placement Update 3 – Tobias (Content Writer)

I have now officially been working at Pearl Lemon for 3 months, and it’s been quite the journey – constantly learning, constantly being challenged, constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone, but ultimately for the better.

Content Writing

As a content writer, I have definitely come a long way. I now know quite in-depth the different types of content there are, such as blogs, guest posts, service pages, etc.

I learned each of their roles, which has helped me learn more about SEO and website management in general and how to approach each one uniquely.

Source: Cincy SEO

Due to this, I have cut down how long it takes me to write each piece by A LOT. For example, a guest post would’ve taken me multiple days in the past due to my overthinking and lack of experience.

Looking back, it is almost hilarious how long a single post took me. As I have written more and more, my confidence has risen, allowing me to knock out guest posts in less than a day. 

However, I like to complete it in one day and upload it the next day so that I can check it over with a fresh mind – some wisdom bestowed to us by Deepak.

Service Pages are a recent addition, though, so this still takes me a while as I have only written a handful, but I’m sure that the more I do, the better I will get, so I’m not worried.

One thing that constantly plagues me is British and American spelling. I try to do American most of the time to keep it standardized, but there are several words that I didn’t even know were different across the pond (Americans really love to add Z to everything), so this is a consistent thorn in my side. 

I try to minimize the damage by using Grammarly, but this isn’t a 100% foolproof method, so I need to get to the point where I don’t make these mistakes at all. 

And, of course, writer’s block is a thing; there’s no point pretending it doesn’t exist. There can be days where I don’t know what to write or can barely squeak out 10 words, but when that happens, I try just to spew everything I can think of onto a page.

Even if it’s gibberish, even if it’s rudimentary, it’s better to get something down than nothing. When motivation and creativity are higher, I go back and flesh it out or completely replace it.

As I said, I have learned a great deal about SEO from my time writing for Serpwizz, a website centered around SEO tools and audited. I try to integrate this into every piece I write with the help of SEO tools like Page Optimiser Pro, ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, and more.

Source: PageOptimizerPro ,Ahrefs ,Findability

Pearl Lemon As A Whole

Furthermore, I also understand more about the different sectors of Pearl Lemon and how integrated they are.

This knowledge comes from the weekly meetings, talking to the other team members, and even helping out in sectors.

For example, I have collaborated with Pearl in Pr a few times now; I have spoken to Lydia, the operations director, and of course, Deepak himself, the founder.

The team is friendly as always and are always willing to answer any questions I may have and even some that I didn’t, which encourages me to be inquisitive. I’ve had quite a few one-on-one meetings with different team members asking how I am doing.  

Right now, my biggest desire to take away from the rest of my internship is to be more involved in other parts of the company, not just the content writing team. As I alluded to, I have done this in bits and pieces, but I have slowed down on this quite a bit due to restarting university.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure the 3 words I used to describe my internship last time were ‘difficult but refreshing.’

That’s still very much true, but that’s not a bad thing.

Altogether, I am happy with my internship as I have learned much more than I expected, and I plan to continue developing, personally and professionally.