The story started

About Anne's Experience!

Mabuhay! My name is Anne, Virtual Assistant, and I will be sharing my experience and learnings at Pearl Lemon Group. 🍋

I found them on an online platform when I took the risk of applying for a “Work From Home” job. I applied as a Virtual Assistant, that was May 5, and also received an email the same day. Then, I decided to fill out the form sent to me. Two weeks had passed and I thought to myself, “I think I am not fit for the role.”

Then on May 20, Akhila sent me a message..


At first, I was hesitant- just wanted to share this- before I received a reply from Pearl Lemon Group. I was scammed when previously I applied for work online so I was hesitant about Pearl Lemon Group. I was a little bit afraid if I will push through it or not.

After a short interview, I was added to a group with Tenny (former team member) who was at that time the Research Analyst, then, my trial week started.

Akhila and Tenny guided me until my trial week ended. I am so thankful to both of them since they gave me the training that I needed, they were “my angels” at Pearl Lemon Group. 😁

On the 30th of May, Akhila messaged me that they were happy with my trial week and from that day, I was officially part of the team. I was also happy knowing that this is my first ever full-time remote work and was excited to learn more.

At first, being a Virtual Assistant, my work was more on data entry and research. Then, I was introduced to Youtube SEO, next to Lead Generation. I did not know everything about these things until I boarded Pearl Lemon Group.

I have learned so many things as simple as tools that can be used to send emails to many in just one click, find email addresses and verify them which I did not know existed. 

Pearl Lemon Group has taught me some things I never knew I could. Come to think of this, who would have thought that a teacher would become a Virtual Assistant?

What do I know about SEO? What do I know about Lead Generation? -None. When I entered Pearl Lemon Group, I was a blank sheet with what was going on inside here. But because of the supportive team and of course, our supportive founder, Deepak, they helped me to go out of my comfort zone and learn about what I can do.

Pearl Lemon Group is my dream workplace. I love the atmosphere of collaboration and the absence of toxic people. 😜 I love how Deepak supports and motivates each team member. He gives plenty of training which we need to be equipped with and be ready for the tasks that we need to do. He is a good example to us because he walks the talk. 💪

At the moment, I am under the Lead Generation department and I am having in-depth learning about it. Also, I recently gained the title, Head of Virtual Assistant (Does it call for a celebration?🥂).

To sum it up, Pearl Lemon Group has a big contribution to the person I am today. It gives me a lot of opportunities to grow, explore and learn more.

Until then… And to more achievements with Pearl Lemon Group. 🤗