The story started

About Arnav's Experience!

Hey! My name is Arnav, and I’m the Social Media Intern here at Pearl Lemon.

My time working here has been amazing, everyone I interact with is extremely helpful and willing to help and teach me regarding anything that is needed. Finding new opportunities has always been hard, although Pearl Lemon presented me the best option for me to enhance my skills while gaining a strong network of knowledgeable and hard working people.

I’ve had to learn the usage of many softwares and educate myself more on overall social media growth, but through all of this, all of the staff would always assist me if needed and guided me when i was stuck at an obstacle.

The flexibility I’m offered to finish all my work is also an amazing part, as juggling both school and pearl lemon has not been easy. Because of how there aren’t any strict shifts, however, I’m able to get all my work done whenever I have time, which allows me to divide my team equally and efficiently. All in all, my time interning at Pearl Lemon has been amazing, and I hope to stay for longer!