The story started

About Carmil's Experience!


My name is Carmil and I’m here to help! Nah, I’m just playing. This used to be my line/greeting in my previous job when I worked as a Technical Support Representative for a SaaS company. I mainly handled emails and chats at the time, helping customers with their concerns about the product and services.

I spent 3 years with my previous company, and words cannot express how much I love my job. I love talking to people (on chat and email only though—weird of me, I know) and just helping in general. I have a hard time communicating verbally, but I can be a motormouth in chat. Well, I guess you can call that motorfingers? Or should it be motorhands? 🤔

Kidding aside, you may be wondering; how did I even land the job as the Head of Game Development for Pearl Lemon Games? Honestly, I’m not sure either! But let me tell you about my Pearl Lemon journey. 

I contracted COVID at the start of the year which made me think twice if going to work onsite was actually worth it. Also, I felt like my growth was stunted in my previous company, and being a Sagittarius (oh my love for Astrology, lol), I felt like it’s time to expand my horizon and look for opportunities elsewhere. So when I was in quarantine, I had a lot of free time to kill. I wasn’t able to work remotely, so naturally, I wasn’t paid. As someone who lives alone, I have a lot of bills to pay—rent, water, electricity, and tons of cat food for my adorable freeloaders! So I knew I had to do something. I started browsing for jobs, asked my work-from-home friends for tips on how to land a job, and what could be the pros and cons of working from home in the long run. After a couple of grueling days of submitting applications, and writing endless cover letters—it started to get too much. Not only was the pressure of finding a great job piling up, but my bills due were also knocking over my morale.

But on a fateful day, one of the applications I sent got a response. And ding ding! Yes, you guessed it right, it was none other than my application for a Chat Support Representative position for Pearl Lemon. You might be wondering, how did I become the Head of Game Development for Pearl Lemon Games when I initially applied for a completely different role? Well…it’s actually a funny story.

I went through the usual steps of virtual hiring processes. I passed all the assessments, but the world suddenly had a different plan for me. Immediately after getting officially hired, I was sent to the team meeting to meet Deepak, our generous CEO, and the rest of the team. I was wearing a gaming headset during the meeting, which sparked a question from him to ask if I was keen on playing games. And of course, I said yes! I personally enjoy MOBA, MMORPG, and casual mobile games during my free time. Never in my life had I ever imagined that this old gaming headset of mine would open a lot of windows of opportunity for me, in the most unexpected ways. But hey, the stars were aligned for me that night, no ragrets, you know what I’m sayin’?

And now, I’ve been with Pearl Lemon since February of 2022. As the Head of Game Development, the tasks weren’t easy. The department was fairly new, and I would say that the stress levels were overwhelming since we were trying to build the department from the ground up. I had tasks ranging from creating video content from Roblox, to interviewing game developers, and designers who can help us produce the game Deepak had envisioned as the first big project of Pearl Lemon Games. And after 2 months of development, a stream of caffeine in our system, and possibly multiple Tylenols as well, our game is finally out! The game is called Rules of Logic: Escape Room and you can access it directly on Roblox by searching for the title or clicking this link right here! 

I am so proud of our progress as a team! After all, we’re just a bunch of gamers with NO CODING EXPERIENCE! We just like playing games but Deepak invested in that. He believed in the team and we can’t believe how far we’ve come! Oh, if you’d like to check out our journey as a bunch of gamers with coding experience gamers trying to create an actual game, check out our YouTube channel at Pearl Lemon Games! 

That’s it from me (for now!). I’m sure we’ll get to meet again soon! Until then, see ya!