The story started

About Cielo's Experience!

Hello everyone. This is Cielo Robles. At the time of writing (November 2022), I’m on my halfway through 3 months of being a content writer here at Pearl Lemon. I write service pages for various sites of the company. 

Fun fact, this is my first ever job, and since I’m currently attending the University, I thought it would be hard to manage my time–like studying and working at the same time. But since Pearl Lemon gives their employees flexibility with the working time, my job started to grow on me.

Another thing is I am a marketing student, so working for Pearl Lemon as an SEO and marketing agency allows me to learn a lot because each day, I get to work on different keywords related to the sites of the company. For instance, during my first month, I was tasked to work with keywords related to SEO, like backlinks, google adverts, and more. And believe me, I really enjoyed working with that because everything was new to me. I was fascinated by how things work on Google.

I applied for the position last August 2022. I was referred by a friend who told me about the role. I was really excited since I knew that this was a great job opportunity for students like me. Then, I went under a 3-day training and content trial where I was tasked to watch training videos and apply them to my writing. And luckily, I got to finish them all, even though I almost gave up midway 🙂

After the 3 day trial, I didn’t hear from Pearl Lemon and assumed that I didn’t make it. And then, my friend (the one who referred me) said that I needed to follow up on my application, and so I did. And lo and behold, I got accepted! After that day, I was onboarded and started working exactly 1st day of September 2022.

I can still remember my first week of writing. I really did struggle because I wasn’t that familiar with the tools yet and hadn’t worked with my writing process, so the outcome was I ended up wrapping up my work really late, 3 am to be specific. And because of that, I thought of giving up, thinking that this job wasn’t for me. So what I did is talked to my co-workers, maybe they could help me and give me some tips, and they did! They were really helpful and patient with me until I slowly got a grasp of it. 

One thing I like about the company is the employees. Most of them are friendly, especially my co-workers on the content team. They help me streamline my writing process and how I can improve things like that. Aside from that, other people in the internal team always assure their employees that they are always available to help–like when you’re demotivated with your work or so, you can talk or reach out to them so they can help you, and I think it’s another amazing thing here in the company. 

So far, I really am enjoying my stay here, and I’m looking forward to learning more things that will help me grow as an individual and as a writer here at Pearl Lemon.