The story started

About Cross's Experience!

Hey there! My name is Cross, and I am a Multimedia Arts graduate from the Philippines. And I am here to tell you about my experience here in Pearl Lemon.

In my final year in university, I was busy accomplishing the final stages of my thesis. And the nerves and pressure of what to do after I graduate start to kick in. What if I am unemployed for so long? Will I ever find a job that I will enjoy working in? Will I take a break first before applying for jobs? These are the questions that almost drove me mad every day. That fear of not knowing what will happen to me in the future is something I took very seriously.

One day, a friend of mine came up to DMs about a certain job that he quit after his first day. It was funny, but he said he wanted me to replace him. He was still in his second year in college, so he had a lot on his plate. I asked him what the job was, and it was a Graphic Design position for a London-based company named Pearl Lemon.

Since I was free of all the academic responsibilities, I finally had the time to enter a new environment that would challenge and put my skills to the test. So with all my heart, I said Yes.

And that is a decision that changed the course of my life.

I walked into Pearl Lemon with only the knowledge I learned from college, my internship experience, and a dream. I was so happy when I received the confirmation email that I was hired. And the way the email was written is what made it very special. It was like talking to an old pen pal that found a way to reconnect with me. It did not feel like I was applying for a company, for it felt like I was being welcomed to join a family. 

Bianca, a fellow Filipino who works as the Head of HR in Pearl Lemon, taught me everything I needed to know. She showed me the ropes, basically. How to effectively use the WhatsApp group chat, Trackabi, and the company credentials. Once I got to stand on my own footing and knew my task, I started to work.

In my first week, I was lost. I waited for days for some additional tasks to do aside from the directions that were given to me. I was doing less than I should be actually doing. That is when I first got to talk to Deepak. He invited me for a quick call and made time for it. Dee is one of the smartest people I know. Because what he said to me during that call, has changed how I see my productivity and role in the company. He made me understand that being in Pearl Lemon is more than just being a part of the workforce, it is an opportunity to prove to myself what I can bring to the table. What makes me indispensable? How can I improve Pearl Lemon in my own way? What is special about me? Those are now the questions that flooded my brain.

After our call, I started to shift my mindset and my priorities. I started to reach out to my co-workers for advice, suggestions, and proposals. And before I knew it, I was in my third month working at Pearl Lemon. In that short span of time, I grew and learned an incredible amount. I widened the scope of my design and artistic talents. I also adapted to various software that I did not usually use. I was able to produce numerous contents and designs in one day and deliver variety and effectiveness in each one. Being a graphic designer for Pearl Lemon gives me the absolute honor of working for various brands and clients, which makes me flexible as an artist. 

In my second month, I spent every second on work to carefully figure out what to do next. I challenged myself to get to know what the leaders expect me to do so that I can make their work easier for them. I was now constantly giving updates and offering ideas. I also practiced showing initiative in finding ways how to improve. I was able to formulate a system with my partner Neil, who is also a graphic designer at Pearl Lemon. We have mastered how we deal with tasks and have figured out how to help each other. I have also got lots of help from Catherine, which helps me remind myself of every task that I need to accomplish. In this job, I am not a lone wolf. I was in a pack. A pack that pushes me to my limits and provides me with opportunities to grow. 

This was also when I was the one scheduling calls and meeting with people so that I could brainstorm with them. Once, I hosted a meeting with the content-creating team to formulate a strategy we will follow to handle consistent postings successfully. It was amazing to be in control and have people listen and acknowledge what you had to say. And for me, that is a sign of true teamwork. Despite all our differences and proximity to one another, Pearl Lemon ties us all together because of its existing system that continues to expand and adapt. 

But the thing that I really love about my job is that people respect and identify me as an artist. Our web designers ask me for advice on how I can make our websites look more pleasing and inviting. Leaders asked me to create logos for Pearl Lemon, and I was excited to be doing. I also got to create Tiktok reels which put my motion graphic skills to good use. That trust that I feel is what I love about the company. People acknowledge your efforts, and they give credit where credit is due. And I would lie if I got to where I am alone. Without the help of everybody in Pearl Lemon, I would not be here writing this testimonial for you to read. This is living proof, that I am able to work in such a fast-paced environment.

Our weekly meeting every Friday is the most interesting part of my routine. Because that is the moment I get the chance to see, talk, and brainstorm with everyone in the company. Usually, company meetings may some really intimidating for some. But to me? I anticipate it every week and prepare for it every time. We do not just talk about updates and plans during meetings, we also get to share our personal dispositions and goals. We get to know each other better and what we aspire to become. I am still amazed at how Pearl Lemon gathered such talented individuals and worked collectively as one team. We have all adapted to this system that allows us to excel in our work and at the same time, to grow as people as well. And that is something I will take with me wherever I may go.

Thanks to Pearl Lemon, I was able to find a job even before I officially graduated college. I widened my connections internationally and learned about different cultures from all around the world. As a graphic designer, I not only just produce images. I also cater to the audience that I am creating for. I was able to learn about Indian Marriage practices, how an SEO company works, how diamond pieces of jewelry are made, and even how to raise a cat. Pearl Lemon has opened many doors for me to explore my artistic direction. 

And of course, all of my hard work does not stop here. I was able to earn and provide for myself thanks to this company. So I will repay them by giving the best of my skills and abilities to strengthen Pearl Lemon even more. 

If there is one thing I learned from this company, it is that the person I am at work is the person I am outside of work. This means I reflect my personality in how I handle workloads and productivity. Pearl Lemon has taught me that I am more than just an employee. I am an artist who dares to change the world with his craft. I am an advocate who fights for those who are wronged by society. I am a brother, who provides for the needs of my younger siblings. I am a son, who would do anything for his family. My life revolves around so many things that I should not only restrict myself to only one. I am still young and have so many things I will yet to discover. But so far, I have loved everything I learned and witnessed in Pearl Lemon. 

I may not know where I will be for the next five years. But I do hope that I am still working in Pearl Lemon with the most amazing team, bigger and better than before.