The story started

About Daisy’s Experience!

Just two months ago, I was constantly on the hunt for a job in a company that shared the same values as mine – pursuing excellence relentlessly. Now, it gives me the utmost pleasure to let you know that I am working at Pearl Lemon as a content writer and am satisfied with the progress I’ve made professionally.

As a new employee, I have picked up a lot in my first month, including over 350 hours of training material covering all aspects of a business, prospects for growth, and immediate feedback from the team, which really demonstrated how approachable, educated, and welcoming the staff members are. There was never a point when I felt like there was a lack of assistance because they were always so eager to help.

Working as a content writer at Pearl Lemon, I get to help create amazing contents that help people learn, explore, and enjoy the world around them. I love creating engaging and informative pieces that help people connect with the things they love – from simple applications on gadgets to improving your sales training.

Pearl Lemon is incredibly upbeat, creative, and like a big family who is always there to support when needed. Another exciting aspect of working for Pearl Lemon is getting to engage with coworkers from other nationalities and cultural backgrounds because the firm is quite multicultural and has employees all around the world. 

It was not easy, but it was surely rewarding. Every day I learn new skills that help me grow in my career, and there are so many opportunities to learn from others too! With Pearl Lemon, every day is a new experience.😋