The story started

About Darius's Experience!

Hi, I am Darius from the Pearl Lemon Games team! I am a game streamer and as of the moment my first month just passed. This entry shall explore my journey within the agency both as a person and as a professional. 

So to start my journey with Pearl Lemon, I would have to go back to the time where I went to apply as a Content Writer. That’s right, not as a game streamer at first. When I was applying, as recommended by my friend Christine, I was answering to Joanne, the head of content writing, who trained me in my trials. But as evidently stated, I did not pass through the trial and I failed to get into Pearl Lemon.

I had ‘some’ passion with writing, but it wasn’t for me. And working for a company with just that is not beneficial for the agency and myself. But months later, I heard from another friend that works at Pearl Lemon, Mika, that they are hiring a gamestreamer. At that moment, a dream that I shoved down in layers of ‘practical reasons’ had suddenly awoken. THIS WAS IT. An opportunity to grow while doing something that I am most passionate about.

I applied and got officially introduced to the first of people that I need to converse with, Dee, Stephen, and Bianca. I went through the trial. Yes, me, someone who isn’t as socially active as a game streamer should be, tried to get through. I needed to record myself playing games while I was talking to an imaginary audience. I did it, watched myself blabber on, and thought to myself that I did fine. But as I look back now, a month later, I literally changed so much. (talk about it later).


So as I received the news with great astonishment and a wide-o-face, I got accepted! I celebrated a short-lived moment when things suddenly changed pace and everything kicked up gears. Things are happening at a literal fast pace. I am going through the onboarding process, introducing myself to people, updating information about different stuff, and all the little while- learning. There is so much to learn! I felt every moment happening but as I look back now, it was only a matter of 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks were filled with first steps in the company and a lot of research!

I am actually struggling to write this because there is so much to talk about all at once!

Company updates. Got added to the different group chats and was warmly welcomed by team members. I made an entry to the introduction chat and gave a short bio about myself. I also navigated the large amount of tools that I needed to work with. I updated information that is needed by the company. I got to know at least all the people I needed to know at that time. All these would be really hard if you are not quick on your feet, luckily I am! This would be even harder, if not for the really accommodating team of Pearl Lemon. Everybody was just so bubbly and connected with me which really helped a significant amount. 

Game streamer updates. So I was starting out with no knowledge except for little bits I got from literally having 1000+ watch time of different streamers and content creators. I considered myself to be already knowledgeable but boy oh boy do I have a lot to learn. So before, actually streaming, I researched a lot about twitch and youtube which was the primary platform we were going to stream on. I read the ToS of both platforms, all the guidelines, and all the rules that we need to uphold. And then after that I needed to learn how to use a streaming software, OBS studio. I created my first panel which was kind of shit at first with only my game to capture. Hooked up my camera, and started streaming. That was the first time I went live!

Some time later, I got accustomed to streaming. I created a layout for different scenes I can use on stream. I remember having to learn about how to insert designs, live widgets, types of captures, webcam masks and many more. As I said, there was so much I needed to learn, and it made me proud having created my first panels and scenes on OBS studio. By that time, I’d already gotten a good grasp of things and was really grinding out content by streaming for four hours at a time. But I wanted to grow more than I already am. I am pursuing this field and I am driven to produce results.

I was streaming playing different kinds of games and when that doesn’t give the results I want to see. I knew I needed to devise a strategy to help me in my goal. My thoughts immediately came to challenges. Which then led to me trying to produce at least a different type of content that would provide a better interactive stream. I started doing challenge fridays. Literally translates to having a challenge stream where I try to set a goal while playing games every friday. I saw that this really introduced a more interactive stream when I got viewers at one time all trying to see me backflip if I did not complete the challenge. And a time as well where viewers would feel the emotions as I was feeling while playing- terrified, when I streamed a halloween special content.

Fast-forward to a point now where I am starting to really grind up my goals as a gamestreamer at Pearl Lemon. I’ve got a total of 50+ hours of stream time, peaked concurrent views of 10, and a total views of 300+. I am still growing and unlike my first streams and my absolute newbie point of a trial, I have learned how to be comfortable in front of a monitor with my camera and microphone. There are still goals to be accomplished like how I want to create a new layout with fresher look, and also upgrading my equipment. And there is still growth to get done.

I want to thank Deepak and Pearl Lemon for giving me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I will be pursuing growth more to further give value to the agency. I want to thank Stephen and the Pearl Lemon Games Team for a really wonderful experience of both laughter and productivity. The support is tremendous and enough to boost me to go for higher levels. 

I am currently streaming on Youtube and Twitch, and growing there ever more slightly. If you want to see our journey, don’t be afraid to drop by the stream and interact with me! I hope to see you all there and take you all with me in this amazing journey!