The story started

About Deanellys's Experience!

My name is Deanellys, and I’m a Copywriting Intern at the Pearl Lemon Group. After having been a part of Pearl Lemon for almost three months, here’s a look at my experience with the company.


Growing up, I always loved to jot down my thoughts and excelled in my writing classes. However, I never thought about making this my main source of income until I began working on my master’s a couple of years ago.

As part of my capstone course in my school, I needed to participate in an internship, and as excited as I was, I was also nervous because I didn’t know if I’d be able to find one in time for graduation. So, I started applying relentlessly, constantly searching the web for new opportunities. I even recruited an advisor from my school to give me tips and tricks on finding internship opportunities. During one of the meetings I had with her, I stumbled across Pearl Lemon, and I kid you not, my first thought was, “that’s a curious name for an organization”. After I saw the name of the company, it kind of stayed in the back of my head, and I just started researching Pearl Lemon and learning everything I could about the company. This propelled me to apply for the copywriting internship because I liked the information that I read about the organisation.

I liked that Pearl Lemon prided itself on being different. Original. And I responded to that. The application process reflected the organisation’s uniqueness as well. Never in my life had I ever sent an introduction video as part of an application, but I went with it because I wanted to be a part of the Pearl Lemon Group and learn about everything they had to offer.

My First Month

When I first applied at Pearl Lemon, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. From the reviews I read online when I first applied, I saw many people say that it was a great place to learn and that it was challenging and different. Even though I consider myself to be a decent writer, I had no experience as a copywriter, but I was determined to learn as much as humanly possible. 

When I was first approached by HR, I was told that I needed to complete a three-day trial to see if I would be a good fit for the company. During the three days, I was assigned an email copy and FAQs. I appreciated this, as it gave a good idea of what to expect in the copywriting role.

I was thrilled when I first received the message that I was hired. Not only would I be to work in my desired field, but I would also have the opportunity to work and learn from fellow creative professionals. 

During my first month at the company, I was introduced to all the systems that Pearl Lemon uses in order to be more efficient such as Grammarly, Trackabi, Loom, etc. I was also given a super cool caricature to use as my profile picture on Whatsapp and my email (shown below). In addition, I also watched regular training videos that were jam-packed with information and guided by none other than our fearless leader Mr Deepak Shuklah. 

Despite learning everything that I did during my first month with the company, I’d also have to say that it was the most challenging as well. Learning the ropes and getting comfortable with managing multiple systems for different things, remembering the different formats for various types of content, and participating in multiple chat groups were definitely different and challenging. But I didn’t let that stop me. I was determined and intrigued by the challenge at hand. So, I pushed through, and here I am three months into the program loving every minute of it.

My Second and Third Months

After I finished my first month, I started to get assigned additional work that I’d never done before. During the next few months, I was taught all about writing ultimate guides, skyscraper content, and even LinkedIn campaigns. So far, I’ve learned so much, and my journey with Pearl Lemon has been wonderful.

From learning how to write in different styles to managing my time better, working in the internship program has definitely given me a taste of what a career in communications would be like. I am so grateful for having been given the opportunity to work in Pearl Lemon’s internship program, and I hope I can continue to work with them (as a full-time employee 😉 in the future.