The story started

About Devie's Experience!

Its been a month since I started working as the legal virtual assistant of Pearl Lemon Group. Let me share with you my awesome experience.

Kind workmates

Like the rest of the team, I work at the comfort of my home. Bianca, the Head of HR was very accomodating to answer all my questions and guided me on the onboarding. Anne, the Head of VA was also very nice in assisting me during the onboarding process. The onboarding process was very detailed and will really prepare you for the work ahead. Chill, the Head of Lead Gen reached out and checked on me. The whole team was so kind and patient specially for a newbie like me. They never hesitate to help or answer a question. They always reach out and ask how are you doing at work. 

Friday meetings are actually fun. The way they talk to each other seems like they actually see each other everyday even though we are from different parts of the world. 

Stressfree environment

The first month went by so smoothly and stress free. Lydia, the Operations Director, gave me a workload one at a time complete with loom videos for instructions. I was able to talk to lawyers outside of my country and learn from them. When I need to leave for a day, they were so nice to allow me. I reported the next day without feeling any pressure from them from the workload I left. They have various training videos I can watch whenever I have spare time to add more on my skills and knowledge. 

Bright future

Pearl Lemon Group is expanding so I’m really excited for what’s in store ahead of me in here. I always look forward to learning and developing my skills and knowledge specially knowing that I am surrounded with diverse and talented people. I hope I can really be of help to Pearl Lemon Group.