Hey all, Anthony here for the last time. 


Been nearly two months of working here, but due to personal reasons, I have to leave the program. This has been a fantastic experience for me. I have learned so much about a field I really knew nothing about. 


Before I found this partnership I was taking Digital Marketing Courses online, and they always said that the best way to really learn was in the first Job you get in the field. They were absolutely right. I just wanted to tell you all about my experience working for Pearl Lemon: 


It started with a WhatsApp chat with Deepak, which I found to be a bit unusual at first. I mean I’m talking to a CEO on a messaging app? I thought Shouldn’t I be talking to his secretary or something? After I finished my trial I saw the advantage of communicating in this direct way. He helped me out through the steps of learning Public Relations and Lead Generation. I didn’t know what I was doing lol. He along with Federica, Heather, and Skylar made me feel much more comfortable with my transition into working from home.


The first few weeks after that were a whirlwind, lots of video training, being thrown right into the work, and having to figure things out. It became much more Lead Generation focused. That is where WhatsApp came in. I can’t tell you how many times I messaged Deepak and the team with a million and one questions. They all came through for me though. Slowly but surely the process was making more sense to me. 


There are so many programs that you can use for lead generation, which can be downright overwhelming. You start off opening one or two tabs to start off for work and by the end of the day, you have twenty tabs open, feeling stressed because you have got nothing done lol Organization, planning, and communication are three of the biggest and most important lessons I learned in my experience here and for working from home in general. 


I also learned that I am really not good at communicating through emails. Oddly enough, that was the biggest challenge for me. I feel like I got the hang of email copies (after a few training sessions of course ha!) But I found it difficult to strike a balance between positive and transparent communication. You never ever want to lie to the client, but you want to highlight the problem while also showing you are already working on a solution. 


In my final week here, I sent out some pretty rough reports to clients. Not the way I wanted to go out for sure. It was too rushed, not enough information, and I didn’t check with anyone from the team. That’s probably the most frustrating thing I experienced here at Pearl Lemon. 


I’d say overall, Pearl Lemon is a great experience for aspiring Digital Marketers. You learn a little bit of everything here and are guided by real professionals. Not only that, but you get experience handling clients that you would never get in a class. Pearl Lemon is run by a CEO who is understanding and work-oriented, and the team is always ready to help. It’s worth a try if you are serious about making Digital Marketing your career. 


It’s a shame I have to cut out early, but no matter what comes next for me, this is an experience I will reflect on. 


Thank you Pearl Lemon Team for the opportunity and experience and thank you to everyone else for your support. 


This is my final blog. All the best 




P.S. Thank you for reading through my blogs, I know I’m not much of a writer :p Hopefully, that’s improved over these last few weeks haha