The story started

About Jay's Experience!

Hey, everyone.

My name is Jay, and I have been part of the sales team for Pearl Lemon Group for just over a month. I’m turning 47 in 3 weeks, and have spent the last few years working in high-end events and hospitality. Due to personal circumstances, I was facing some challenges, and was struggling to see how to manage being reliable and working productively.

When the opportunity arose to join the sales team at Pearl Lemon Group, I was very hesitant to accept at first. Deeps is my second youngest cousin, and I wasn’t sure how it would be to have him as my boss, when I used to make him do his homework. Afraid of ego becoming involved, completely bombing or just being incapable of using the technological tools required (I’m not the best with tech), I thought it best not to take the risk. However, Deeps knew I had experience in selling B2B, and once I was reassured, that regardless of what happened, it wouldn’t affect our personal relationship, I knew I had to give the role at least one attempt.    

I’m so glad I reconsidered. Not only have I been supported throughout my learning process, I’ve actually discovered, I’m not as bad with new tech as I thought. I still get a little nervous on the phone, though each passing day, with all the feedback and training available, I can feel my confidence and capability increasing. Refreshingly, I really feel like my feedback is listened to and appreciated, which is a rarity in many places I’ve worked, and this has also added to my confidence to do the team justice.

The variety of what Pearl Lemon Group does, is for me, one of the highlights of the role. It’s never boring, there’s always something new to learn, and everything I do learn continually contributes in making me a better communicator. Even with the natural advantage of having worked in hospitality, I am learning more about communication in this role than I ever thought possible.

There have been some challenges. I’ve never worked from home before, so there have been a few adjustments. I’m becoming very disciplined with domestic chores, and arranging my timetable, so that I’m able to commit fully when I’m working. The flexibility afforded to me by Pearl Lemon Group, has been a lifesaver! 

All in all, my first month has been a revelation. I’m enjoying the role, and the support, and I hope to be here for some time.