The story started

About JEREMY's Experience!

What’s up? My name is Jeremy, the Game developer of Pearl Lemon Games. I will share some of my experiences working as a game developer.

I started to know the company when my friend messaged me and told me Pearl Lemon was hiring a game developer for their Roblox Games. 

I was shocked since I had never had any experience working with a team, and this was my first time getting a real job.

July 4, 2022. I applied for the position and need to show that I am capable of this job.

The Head of Game Development gave me some tasks; this is where it gets exciting! I had some fun learning and experiencing how the team trial works.

Jeremy Antiquera - Game Developer

July 7, 2022. After some days, I was shocked when I received a message that I was accepted! It was my first time having a job.

I was so excited working with Stephen and the team, and I look forward to learning more.

After two months, working as a game developer on PL Games has been good so far. I designed interfaces, GUI, buttons and logos!

I also helped Stephen design the maps by creating objects.

July 12, 2022. They gave me a caricature! I needed to set my profile on WhatsApp, Emails, and Trackabi. Anyways, it was a good caricature!

August 1, 2022. We released ObbyPearls, a Roblox game where you jump and avoid obstacles. I was thrilled because this was the first game released with my help.

Play the game here:


Pearl Lemon Group has changed my life. Experiencing how to develop games as a student changed my life because I never expected to work at this young age.

August 2, 2022. We started planning for our next game! I helped Stephen prepare the Game Design Document, which will be used to make the game easier. 

(let me spoil you, the game name is “serial survivor”) hahaha, Stephen and I just decided about the name as of now while currently writing this testimonial -9/6/2022.

August 8, 2022. I started designing the four quadrants with different themes. Carnival, Prison, Forest and Library. This part greatly helped me to design maps and physics with a realistic style.

Let’s skip the time! Time flies so fast. I remember when all I do is play video games and do small game projects, but now I am here.

I just want to thank Stephen and the whole team for helping me change my life. It greatly impacted my surroundings, workplace, and life.

Anyways, this is it for now. I am hoping to experience more than this! Thank you, Pearl Lemon and Deepak!

Before that, we are about to release a new survival game for this month, and it is “Serial Survivor”. Make sure to visit and play our new game!