The story started

About Joanne's Experience!

“So why Pearl Lemon?”

I think that was the most remarkable question for me when I applied here at Pearl Lemon.

Hey there everyone! I’m Joanne, current Content Head for Pearl Lemon, and here’s my journey with PL for the past several months.

Do you know that feeling when people ask you something you aren’t sure the answer to?

It felt that way when I was answering that question above. Nevertheless, I answered it with all I could– don’t tell anybody, but I really got the tips from YouTube videos, thank me later.

The interview process was quite unusual, it was through forms, and there was really no face-to-face interview that I needed to undergo. However, I did enter a trial week where I had to create draft content for several businesses.

When I got employed, the first month of working was really a roller coaster ride for me. For starters, it wasn’t the usual 9-5 shift that jobs require you to do. I had a flexible time working along the week and it kind of made me feel guilty to some point because I think I was working out of “standards” or some sort. It was also a technology-based company, every tool and system we had was on a laptop or on the cloud. It’s pretty much the 21st-century company people write about in books.

In my first week, I watched and trained myself through YouTube playlists so that I can learn how the work process was done and how the administrative processes worked.

I also skimmed through loom videos and other documents that were related to content writing while at it.

So if you see a PL video that has a timestamp from Joanne– that’s me!

It was also astonishing how fast-paced everything and everyone was. One moment I was training and the next moment I was writing– now how cool is that?

However, my content wasn’t perfect, nor was it close to the standard. For that reason, I needed to have peer reviews and mentor suggestions so that my content would be in its best form.

I had several mistakes and underwent a series of writing-editing and no publishing phase.

Which my superiors assured me was normal since I was still learning.

While the weeks were passing, I slowly got the hang of it. Bit by bit, I understood that this is the nature of Pearl Lemon– a workplace with unusual rules that gives you room for growth.

It was a place where you could practice being responsible, explore being a person with initiative, and have an environment to challenge yourself daily.

A few things that I loved about the workplace were how approachable the people were, how it was possible for me to manage my own time, and how open it was for questions from the bottom brass like me.

The first time I got added into the group chat, everyone welcomed me with warm smiles, and my superiors were open to my never-ending questions. In every team meeting, we had awesome chitchats and discussions about things. I get to know the people of PL more and more each day I work with them because they allow me to be a part of their work environment.

As a student and the eldest daughter of my family, I have different responsibilities to take care of. However, since I got a hold of my time as a content writer at PL, I get to do all my responsibilities in a day while still producing results for the company.

Pearl Lemon is a place that is open to questions. You won’t be afraid to ask because people are fond of answering your queries. In this environment, it’s better to ask rather than do half-baked work. If you don’t understand something, ask– that’s how we do it here.

I’m very thankful for Team Philippines because they give me tips, advice, and information I need to get my work done. I’d like to thank Ms. Chill and Ms. Anne for being patient with my admin queries.

I also appreciate Ms. Celeste and Ms. Lydia for reviewing my content and giving immediate feedback so that I can edit my content more.

And I’m in deep gratitude to Eugene for referring me to Pearl Lemon.

In all honesty, I was never really confident about my writing skills. In fact, I’ve never officially written legitimate content before I entered Pearl Lemon.

I did before writing college thesis papers, essays, feasibility studies, and all academic works you can think of– super far from the creative writing, you need for content.

Thinking back, I did enjoy writing fictional stories, but I never finished them. I did poetry but never really pursued it.

So everything about content writing was new to me, but Eugene still believed in me and asked me to apply here.

It was nerve-racking. I had no background, no knowledge, and no experience.

And yet, I applied anyway.

Now, here I am in my 7th month of employment.

Along the way, I got the chance to be interviewed by Geeks, receive rewards, and teach other people how I produce results.

In my short span here, I’ve already experienced many things.

So if you ask me again, “Why Pearl Lemon?”

I now have an answer to that.

I choose Pearl Lemon because it is the workplace I’ve been looking for.

I choose Pearl Lemon because I know the people there are warm.

I choose Pearl Lemon because I can see my growth as a leader and a writer blooming in the agency.

For now, these are my reasons– and I hope that it continues to be in the next months and years I have ahead.

I look forward to the growth of this company and the milestones I can achieve with it.

The next time they ask you, “Why pearl lemon?”

I hope that you can say the same too.