The story started

About KAMMY's Experience!

Hey, Kammy is here. I joined the Pearl Lemon Group content section on 25 October 2002 as an AI content editor. The hiring experience was unconventional because it was my first remote interview. I found it exciting and challenging, especially the video part where you must introduce yourself and state why you think Pearl Lemon will hire you. 

Why I Choose to Joined Pearl Lemon Content Team

Before joining the Pearl Internship program, let me first share my life experience. I have worked for 18 years in a Multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods company in Nigeria. They are into food production, to mention a few: noodles, groundnut oil, pasta, chinchin, packaging materials, flour, and seasonings. I worked in the quality assurance department of the business. I started my career after graduation in the company as a microbiologist, then supervisor, and 13 years as a manager until I voluntarily resigned a few months ago to focus on my retail business and my passion for writing. 

So what attracted me to Pearl Lemon isn’t just a coincidence, but a desire to fulfil a long passion. My love for writing. I have written and published two books, two more are about to be published, and several articles. 

However, I soon discovered there was a way I could use my writing to help companies create more awareness for their businesses, products, or services and invariably make more sales. And this type of writing requires entirely different skills, so when I found Pearl Lemon, I did not waste time to grab the opportunity, and here I am. 

My First Week Experience

 It started with onboarding training videos that share my job procedure and requirements and the tools for remote work experience, including videos on writing any content form.

In fact, within a few days, I got exposed to several remote accountability-aiding tools I never knew existed. Such as trackabi for monitoring person-hours and Trello, a management tool for job activity accountability, monosnap for desktop screen capture, lemapp, and lemtel, WhatsApp and telegram supercharge apps that let you experience these messaging apps differently. Lemicons identify the sender of email messages in Gmail without opening the message. And the best part, they are chrome extension enabled and are very easy to use.

Testimonials kammy

Trackabi for Man-hour tracking

Testimonials kammy
Testimonials kammy

Lemicons to identify the sender of messages in Gmail without opening the message.

Friday Team Meeting

I am not a fan of meetings. I found it boring, especially if I had nothing to contribute to the meeting. But I found the Chief investor pep talk inspiring; here are some that got me thinking: 

  • Don’t pursue money, chase progress 
  • Learn to fail forward instead of doing nothing 
  • People who excel in life go beyond the basic expectations of them 
  • Uncomfortable conversations determine the level of success 
  • Getting important done is critical

My first month

My first month was apprehensive; I started editing two days after watching the onboarding video and tutorial on content editing by the head of the content. I waited for feedback before sending it for publication. It got approved, and since then, it has been editing one content after another. I have educated myself through these contents. 

The exciting part is that I won the editor award in my first month here in Pear Lemon; catch the drip below… and it comes with 100 dollars cash. Thank you, PL team, especially my writers; without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.  

Testimonials kammy

Pear Lemon is a very young company in its five years of existence. But, they have accomplished more than a decade company would have achieved. I have found my experience rewarding, but I want some more.

See you next two months for another story of my journey here.