The story started

About KAYLAN Experience!

How it started.

Greetings! I’m Kaylan, thrilled to embark on this incredible journey as a legal intern at Pearl Lemon. My adventure officially commenced on March 1, 2024. I was introduced to Pearl Lemon by a fantastic friend who spoke highly of the company. Admittedly, my start was a bit bumpy; I felt overwhelmed by the application process, from lengthy questionnaires to the daunting task of creating an introduction video. Being camera-shy, this posed quite a challenge. Despite my initial hesitations and bouts of procrastination, with the support and encouragement of my friend, I persevered and submitted the video. Thinking that was the end of it, I eagerly awaited a response from HR, only to learn I needed to complete a legal trial task. Surprisingly, this played to my strengths, allowing me to showcase my knowledge and skills through written work. You can imagine my excitement upon receiving the message: “Congratulations! You have been offered a position,” from the delightful Rose.


Getting set-up and introduced to the team.

After getting through the initial application phase, my next step was setting up the essential apps I’d be using. With the helpful guidance of Rose, I got my business WhatsApp profile, email, and even a fun caricature all sorted out. The formal introduction to the talented ladies in the legal department followed, complete with a warm welcome and a lovely personal message from Leandra, the executive of the legal team. She kindly advised me to take a day or two to complete the onboarding tasks, get acquainted with Google Drive, set up my signature, and dive into the nitty-gritty details. Once I found my footing, Leandra and I had a chat about what would be expected of me, with her providing examples of the work. Her assistance made me feel right at ease and ready to tackle the tasks ahead.


First official legal task

My initial task involved delving into an ongoing matter within the department, requiring me to provide advice on the next course of action. This particular issue had been lingering for several months, with the client urging for swift resolution. The crux of the matter revolved around a bed bug infestation in the client’s apartment, confirmed by the landlord. In response, the client had engaged exterminators to address the infestation. However, during the extermination process, the activation of smoke sprinklers resulted in severe damage to the tenant’s property. Despite the clear responsibility of the landlord, they were reluctant to fully compensate for the damages, offering a mere fraction of the actual losses incurred.

Upon analyzing the situation and discussing potential strategies with Leandra, I contributed to the drafting of a negotiation letter addressed to the landlord. This letter outlined the extent of the damages and firmly requested fair compensation. After receiving the letter, the landlord agreed to a settlement of £1400, a significant improvement from their initial offer. This successful resolution left our client satisfied with the outcome, marking a positive result for the legal team.


Skill development and learning

My time at Pearl Lemon over the past few weeks has been a whirlwind of skill development and learning opportunities. One particular case stands out where I took the initiative to address a client’s concerns regarding their service charge bill and outstanding balance. This endeavor pushed me to acquire accounting skills, a realm I hadn’t explored extensively during my legal education.

Diving into a decade’s worth of statements, I meticulously sifted through our client’s payments and meticulously reconciled them with the charges on their account. This process involved not only crunching numbers but also effectively communicating with our client to ensure clarity and understanding. Additionally, I engaged in detailed exchanges with the accounting department to resolve any discrepancies that arose.

Surprisingly, this experience sparked a newfound appreciation for Microsoft Excel as I utilized its functionalities to organize and analyze data effectively. Overall, this case allowed me to expand my skill set and discover a new passion for financial analysis, showcasing the diverse learning opportunities available within the legal realm at Pearl Lemon.


Start to the legal week

With Ava’s invaluable support, the legal team convenes either daily or three times a week for calls to discuss our ongoing cases, evaluate their progress, and brainstorm strategies for optimal client assistance. These sessions serve as dynamic forums for collaboration, where we exchange ideas and leverage collective expertise to deliver top-notch service.

Monday mornings mark the beginning of the week with a call dedicated to setting objectives and aligning priorities, ensuring maximum productivity and cohesion. Despite our casual approach, professionalism remains paramount, and the team’s dedication to excellence shines through in every discussion. The camaraderie among team members fosters an environment where assistance is readily available, and the ethos of “two heads are better than one” is embraced wholeheartedly


Showing team spirit.

My passion for Pearl Lemon’s growth knows no bounds, leading me to take proactive steps in supporting the team. I’ve personally taken charge of running a campaign from my LinkedIn page, leveraging my network to spread the word about our company’s endeavors. The dynamic energy and unwavering commitment to excellence displayed by my colleagues serve as constant sources of inspiration, propelling me to contribute even more fervently.

Being immersed in an environment where everyone is not only dedicated to their individual roles but also deeply invested in the success of Pearl Lemon is truly invigorating. Together, we form a cohesive unit, united in our mission to drive the company forward. It’s gratifying to know that our collective efforts are not only shaping our own careers but also actively shaping the trajectory of Pearl Lemon, fostering its growth and prosperity.


End of week

The highlight of my week undoubtedly arrives with our Friday Zoom meetings, where the air is filled with laughter, courtesy of Deepak’s infectious humor and Ion’s playful banter. Amidst the jovial atmosphere, however, lies a bedrock of professionalism and commitment that seamlessly intertwines with our vibrant camaraderie.

Deepak ensures to infuse each meeting with gratitude and positivity, taking the time to personally thank every team member by name. This thoughtful gesture not only uplifts our spirits but also fosters a deep sense of belonging. It’s a reminder that we’re not just coworkers; we’re a tightly-knit family.

Having a leader like Deepak, who goes above and beyond to ensure every team member feels valued and appreciated, is truly heartening. It sets the tone for a supportive and inclusive work culture where everyone’s contributions are recognized and celebrated.


Pearl Lemon growth.

My two-month journey at Pearl Lemon has been incredibly transformative, teaching me invaluable lessons and helping me break out of my shy shell. Through frequent video calls, voice notes, and self-recorded videos, I’ve grown more comfortable with expressing myself and engaging with others in a virtual setting.

Moreover, my time here has significantly enhanced my drafting skills, sharpened my people skills, and heightened my sense of accountability for tasks and responses. I’ve learned the importance of clear communication, timely follow-ups, and taking ownership of my work to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Overall, Pearl Lemon has provided me with a nurturing environment to expand my skills, overcome personal barriers, and thrive professionally. I’m grateful for the opportunities for growth and development that I’ve experienced during my tenure here.