The story started

About Kenneth's Experience!

Hello guys I’m Kenneth Ellao one of the Video Editors of Mr. Deepak Shukla on Pearl Lemon Company.

I’m happy to be a part of Pearl Lemon Company because on the first day that I worked as a Video Editor the Pearl Lemon Team has a warm and lovely welcome and I personally appreciate that.

Pearl Lemon has a good connection with its worker, they always appreciate every task that I’ve done base on my observation. Every Friday they have a whole Team meeting that concerns the issues and talk about the growth of the company, also Mr. Deepak Shukla wants us to have personal takeaways for that meeting and I think that is a great idea to improve our personal and professional.

Pearl Lemon has promotion and growth opportunities for an incoming member of the Pearl Lemon Team. They start from scratch and now their growing and have become a successful future.

In my two months and counting here at Pearl Lemon Company I have learned how to become a better worker, Improving and learning every day by helping each other and working as a team, I learn that success is not easy you need to make an impact you need to execute to reach your goal, also to get out of my comfort zone because there always be a challange everyday.

I’m happy to be a part of Pearl Lemon Company and my main goal is to help the company grow.

Here is some of my screenshots: