The story started

About Kyla's Experience!

Hi, everyone! I’m Kyla from the Philippines. So, here’s my journey and working experience at Pearl Lemon Company, a leading SEO and digital marketing agency. I joined the company as an SEO writer just two months ago, and I must say that my experience here has been absolutely amazing. 

My friend, who was working here before, told me about Pearl Lemon company since they were still hiring at that time, and I have the skills when it comes to digital art and editing. So, I applied here last February 2023 for a social media management position. I was hopeful that I would secure a spot on the team, but unfortunately, there were no open positions available. I asked the head of HR which position is still available, and she told me that they’re still hiring for the content writing team. I was hesitant at first since I have no work experience in writing except in academic writing such as descriptive essays, research papers, case studies, and more. But then, I grab every opportunity that comes my way because I believe that growth only happens when we step outside our comfort zone. Furthermore, this will not only improve my English proficiency but also enhance my ability to communicate effectively.

Following that, the head of HR sent me a premise task and I submitted that on the next day. With the task completed, I patiently awaited further communication from the hiring team. Days turned into weeks, and I remained confident and hopeful. Finally, after 15 days of eagerly waiting, I received another message from the head of HR. This time, it was an invitation to join a group chat that included the head of content and other applicants who had made it to that stage of the process.

Throughout the hiring process, I was impressed by the level of professionalism and organization displayed by the team at Pearl Lemon Company. They provided timely feedback and answered any questions or concerns promptly.

Then, on the 9th of March, I got hired! The head of HR sent me my Gmail credentials, onboarding toolkit, company overview, training videos playlists, and tutorial for invoice making. I read and watched all of that and started working right away. I was welcomed into a supportive and friendly work environment. The team at Pearl Lemon Company comprises highly skilled and proficient professionals in the industry, who have guided and mentored me throughout my journey. Special thanks to our head of content who is patiently teaching and motivating me to improve and deliver outstanding results each day!

As a student who is juggling various responsibilities, this remote job at Pearl Lemon Company has proven to be the ideal fit for me. One of the key reasons for this is that it minimizes the chances of any conflicts with my class schedule. As a student, my primary commitment is to attend classes and complete my coursework, and having the flexibility to work remotely allows me to effectively balance my academic and professional goals.

In addition to my studies, I am actively involved in ministry work at our church, where I dedicate my time and effort to serve. Also, being a student nurse comes with its own set of responsibilities. Apart from the theoretical and practical aspects of my nursing education, I also have clinical duties at hospitals and health centres. With the remote nature of my job at Pearl Lemon Company, I can better manage my nursing duties and church ministry with my work schedule, allowing me to fulfil my obligations while also gaining valuable experience in the digital marketing field.

I found my first week of writing to be quite challenging. I had to make multiple revisions because the content was of poor quality and far from standard. I also used to struggle with slow writing speed to the point that the content head called attention to it because I was only able to produce around 6 metadata per hour. But because of the daily writing, I finally get the hang of it and improved my writing skills. I can now write 8 metadata or more per hour. Additionally, one of the challenges I have encountered is understanding the native English speakers and their accents. I had to ask them to repeat what they have said since I don’t get it immediately. That was embarrassing! Gradually, I began to understand what they are saying during our meetings.

As an SEO writer, I’ve gained valuable experience in writing metadata, opt-in headlines, and frequently asked questions. The company’s focus on continuous learning has equipped me with extensive knowledge and skills in creating optimized content that increases organic traffic and improves search engine rankings. I have had the chance to work on various types of projects, allowing me to enhance my creativity and adaptability.

Moreover, being part of a digital marketing agency has exposed me to the corporate world. I have gained experience in working collaboratively with a diverse team, understanding client needs, and writing content. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I recognize the significance of the knowledge and experience I have gained during my time at Pearl Lemon Company. The insights I have acquired in digital marketing, SEO, and the corporate world are valuable knowledge that will come in handy at some point in the future and in my competitors. 

I am very grateful for the abundant growth and career advancement opportunities that Pearl Lemon Company has to offer. The hard work and dedication surely don’t go unnoticed because the team that highly appreciative. Knowing that I have the full support of a company that greatly values the growth and success of its employees, I feel more confident and empowered to take on additional responsibilities and expand my skills.

Overall, my experience here has been excellent and unforgettable! This experience has not only added value to my current role but has also prepared me for future entrepreneurial competitors. I’m excited to continue growing with this amazing team, delivering outstanding results for our clients, and gaining more experience, knowledge, and skills with this Pearl Lemon Company.