Lydia Sims - Career Focus Timeline

SEO Intern to Operations Director in Under 4 Years


Below is a sample of how Lydia Sims (Our Operations Director) started at Pearl Lemon her Junior year of college and rose to Operations Director within 4 years

May 2019
Month one to three started

as a traditional internship and placement programme. This was an introduction to the company, the team and a set job roll and person to report to. Hours were not set in stone but instruction was to work around class and be sure deadlines were met. Outside of that try to be at least responsive when the rest of the team is online.

I personally did 10+ hours days because I was a marketing major but SEO wasnt taught. So I spent a good chunk of the day learning and researching.

August 2019

Once month four started more of a pay structure was implemented. With increased pay came a change in job roll and introduction to more departments. Two to four weeks were spent in each department to begin learning each facet of the business. The next 6 months allowed for a full rotation through the business to get back to the starting point and have an official review to pick my favourite tasks.

During this time I learned content writing, ghost writing, making profiles for companies properly, managing client projects, proposal submission and more.

February 2020

By this point the job title went from SEO intern to Head of Internal Growth. This was the start of working to becoming a core problem solver and developer of systems in the company. Growth was a broad term so it meant any team that needed support with growth and development meant that’s where I went next.

At this point I was put in accounting and cleaned up the previous year+ of work. Byshowing fixing skills I rotated through different areas and fixed more.

May 2020

The year one mark came with a raise and discussion if I wanted to continue at an intern level to work towards being a core member or move on after graduation. I chose to stay as an intern and keep flex hours to finish my senior year and develop a career path with Pearl Lemon Group.

This kept the expectation of my hours would be 25-35 a week. 35 as the expectation but 25 during exam periods.

September 2020

I temporarily moved to lead generation for 4 months and client relationship management during company restructuring. The first of these two lacked a leader without Deepak so I was placed there while a new team was hired.

January 2021

Another start of the calendar year review. This came with a pay rise and more official job offers as graduation was 5 months away. This meant committing to 40 hours a week no more variable, pay doubled and a discussion on more clear job duties. Being full stack to this point meant being everywhere, so it was time to hone it in.

May 2021-

The official start of Operations Director of the Pearl Lemon Group. My main responsibility became solving systems and problems and reporting directly to Deepak. I was to take tasks from everyone no longer but rather instruct them on delegating it.


January 2022- 

The start to involvement in new business formation as a part of the Operations Director role. This means being more involved in legal forms and processes, business research and the development of processes for new branches.

June 2022-

Officially the procurement director for the Food and beverage side of the business and Operations Director of the Pearl Lemon Group. This meant dual roles, dual company involvement and dual pay.


January 2023-

A few more core roles were added to the mix. With a pay raise comes becoming Deepak’s direct VA and helping with anything on his personal brand or life, leading the accounting team and ensuring they are in the right direction and development of reporting, Operations Director and Procurement.

September 2023-

Adding sales to procurement director. Handling inbound leads and outbound efforts and securing sales and deals for the food & beverage side. This has been the stop to the evolution of the overall rol,e but core roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Sales for catering
  2. Purchasing for catering and How Matcha
  3. System improvement and development
  4. Branch wide audits
  5. Leading accounts
  6. PA to Deepak
  7. New business development
  8. Assiting the team in job roll and process improvements

May 2024:
– Moved to head of sales for Pearl Lemon Catering and the key contact for clients and potential clients for event questions and building quotes
– Also added to the Pets Let’s Travel team to help coordinate sales and logistics