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Let's Hear From Airah


Airah, the Head of the Social Media Team at Pearl Lemon Group, is a versatile employee with a passion for social media marketing and content creation. She started as a Tiktok Content Creator and slowly expanded her skills to become a Video and Graphic Editor before taking on the role of a Social Media Manager.

Airah’s enthusiasm for social networking sites is evident in her work. As a full-time social media manager, she explores various platforms to maximize Pearl Lemon Brand’s online presence. Her experience and expertise allow her to continually improve strategies and stay updated with the latest trends. With the guidance and support of her co-workers, she was able to make a YouTube short reach 100k views! She continues to find options and create efforts to make Pearl Lemon’s social accounts viral.

Despite her accomplishments, Airah remains humble and always eager to learn. This growth mindset enables her to adapt quickly to changes, experiment with new ideas, and consistently deliver outstanding results for Pearl Lemon. Beyond social media, Airah aspires beyond her current role. She is an aspiring Accountant Lawyer, driven by her determination to achieve her goals in life. This ambition demonstrates her ability to balance multiple interests and excel in different fields. 

In her personal life, Airah holds the distinction of being the eldest and only daughter in her family. Additionally, she is a proud pet owner, with two dogs named Stella and Blackie, as well as a cat named Judo. Fun fact, Airah chose to name her cat after the brand from Pearl Lemon that she was working on, creating the unique moniker “Cat Judo.” In her leisure time, she indulges in watching series and movies that pique her curiosity. Airah particularly enjoys unraveling plot twists and attempting to predict the endings. She also loves to travel and she hopes that someday, she can work while travelling the world. Since her high school days, she has relished sharing snippets of her life on the internet, and this passion has seamlessly integrated into her professional endeavors.

Airah firmly believes in the value of hard work and dedication when it comes to pursuing one’s goals. She recognizes that the things we acquire through effort hold a deeper meaning and sense of fulfillment. Additionally, Airah places great importance on kindness and maintaining an optimistic outlook. She believes that embracing these qualities is key to living a truly happy and fulfilling life.

In summary, Airah, as the Head of the social media Team at Pearl Lemon, is a true social media enthusiast. From her humble beginnings as a Tiktok Content Creator to her current role as a Social Media Manager, she continuously expands her skills and remains dedicated to learning and growing. Her passion for social media marketing, coupled with her proficiency in graphic and video content editing, makes a significant impact on Pearl Lemon’s online presence. Beyond her professional life, Airah’s aspirations as an Accountant Lawyer demonstrate her determination to succeed in all aspects of her life. With her diverse talents and unwavering drive, Airah is poised to achieve great things.