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Let's Hear From Allison


Allison is a client editor for Pearl Lemon. Allison ensures that the register, tone, and flow are consistent and of a high standard throughout all published articles. She takes care of the nitty-gritty details so clients don’t have to.

Allison feels suited to her position as she has always had a critical and detail-oriented eye for improvement. She appreciates copy while remaining objective and steadfast in her opinion. For example, she finds that Lord of the Flies, while beautifully and brilliantly written, can be wordy and draggy, taking “show don’t tell” to new (and excessive) linguistic heights.

She is entrusted with making clients look good by ensuring their copy reflects their values and captures the interest of their target market, which she considers the most paramount of all. It’s her job to make sure that Pearl Lemon’s writers meet SEO criteria, write easily digestible copy, and provide accurate information. This requires incredulity, critical thinking, and, above all, a perceptive eye. An article must not just meet the requirements but far exceed them to be truly captivating.

Allison’s constant curiosity aligns well with her research-based position, and she feels fulfilled working as a team to make clients’ visions a reality. Working together, adjusting, and sometimes revisiting articles to rewrite them is part of what makes the final product satisfying. Her job is to ensure everything works perfectly, with the help of her team members.

Furthermore, part of working with clients is understanding their passions and what drives them. Allison has always been a bookworm and is particularly passionate about literature and stories. She finds joy in how these stories bring people together and explore themes of what it means to be human. She is fascinated by stories that reimagine old topics and tropes in new and exciting ways. While there may be a belief that all stories that can ever be told have already been told, Allison believes that humans will never run out of things to share with one another to make life exciting.

She is also fascinated by sociology and theology, as these themes are often explored in the novels she gets lost in. Allison is perpetually captivated by the unpredictability of the human race and seeks to delve into the different moral frameworks that people operate under.

Her peers consider her a good conversationalist because she invests in them, their ideas, beliefs, and ideologies. In comfortable settings, she tends to engage in conversations about what impassions, fires up, or even aggravates them.

Allison encourages reaching out to her for a chat to explore how they can authentically reach clients’ goals. Staying true to oneself is always the best route to achieving the best results.