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Let's Hear From Catherine

Catherine (1)

Catherine is from Perlas ng Silangan – Philippines. She is the Accountability Manager at Pearl Lemon. She is part of the HR Team and she’s mostly responsible for holding everyone on the team accountable, making sure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. She started last October 17, 2022. It’s her daily routine to open WhatsApp from time to time and help the team.

So what does an Accountability Manager do? So if you look for a person within the company who knows the names of the team and what department they belong to, where they are from, and even their birthdays – that would be Catherine! She’s been here for 7 months now. She is an extrovert person who really hates silence, if you ever sit in the same room with her, she probably won’t stop bombarding you with stories and won’t stop asking you questions just to make you talk. This is also the reason why she loves her job because she loves having a conversation with people in general. Her job description includes chasing and checking them. Since she has that personality, it’s not really hard for her to drop a message and just say “Hi, how are you doing?” and do some small talk and initiate a conversation. If there’s something she probably lacks, that’s humor. She even sent a reminder just this morning about the weekly team meeting and then added a joke that she thought was so funny but then the majority told her that it looks like a Dad joke, which is not funny at all – a lame joke indeed. She has a lot of sheets and files that she keeps which she also uses in tracking the team members, like the time they in and out for work, their attendance in the meeting, if they are watching training videos or not, if they are responding to emails and messages on WhatsApp and if they are sending their end of the day and end of the week. You might probably see her as well at every meeting!

Outside of work, you will see her everywhere, an extrovert, indeed. She has really a very active social life so whenever a friend asks her to have a coffee, she’ll quickly say yes. She also loves parties! This might be exactly the reason why she has sooo maaany friends. However, during busy days, you will see her sitting in her room for the whole day and night, doing work in front of her computer. But there are some days when you will just see her in her room, watching romantic comedy series on Netflix. She is a fan of Anime as well and she plays Rubik’s cube, guitar, and even Chess in her free time! She also goes to the gym to do some cardio exercises. If we will talk about the things she hates, that’s probably people who are not really committed to their job and people who suddenly become unresponsive without any valid reason. If you are someone who loves to do work while having fun then you will surely get along with her!