The story started

Let's Hear From Cielo


Cielo is a content writer at Pearl Lemon, and she has an interesting story to share. It all began in the first week of August when a friend asked her if she wanted a job. Without hesitation, she enthusiastically accepted the offer. Cielo officially joined the team on August 31, 2022, and started working the following day.

Initially, Joanne, the head of content at the time, assigned Cielo the task of writing three service pages per day. It was quite challenging, and she distinctly remembers spending a minimum of three hours on her first page. Cut her some slack, though, as she was still getting familiar with the tools.

In January 2023, a new challenge emerged for Cielo: writing for clients. This phase proved to be one of the most difficult aspects of her role as a content writer. Previously, she had been writing service pages for various sites at Pearl Lemon, covering a wide range of marketing topics. Transitioning to writing for completely different niches was a struggle, and she even considered going back to the internal team. However, Joanne, being kind-hearted, helped her overcome the challenge. Cielo realized that stepping out of her comfort zone was necessary and embraced the opportunity to grow.

Around February or March, Cielo’s tasks shifted from lead generation and service pages to writing blogs, which she found to be easier. She can now handle both blogs and service pages, depending on the circumstances. Looking back, she takes pride in the tremendous progress she has made. The Cielo who first joined Pearl Lemon is completely different from the current version.

As a client content writer, Cielo tackles different types of pages on a daily basis. She may work on a mix of blogs and service pages or focus solely on blogs. There are also instances when she dedicates a day or two to a new client. Cielo has written pages covering various niches such as healthcare, real estate, marketing, sales, and more. She understands that being a content writer isn’t just about being creative with the content but also ensuring that the tone aligns with the brand she is writing for, accurately capturing their services, operations, and more.

Outside of work, Cielo devotes most of her time to attending classes and completing school assignments, as she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During her leisure time, she enjoys gaming on her computer or phone, especially when playing with friends. Additionally, Cielo is a full-time mom to her two nephews and little brother. She also has a passion for cooking and, if given the means, would pursue culinary arts instead of marketing. A fun fact about Cielo is that the first proper meal she ever cooked was Sinigang, her all-time favorite dish. She highly recommends trying it too!