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Let's Hear From Jeremy


Jeremy Antiquera, a 19-year-old student studying Computer Science at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, is passionate about video games, artificial intelligence, and web development. Currently, he is focused on 3D Model Creation and UI Designing at Pearl Lemon Games.

Jeremy’s journey in the world of technology began in 2014 when he was a young kid helping out at an Internet Cafe. His fascination with video games sparked his curiosity about how they were made, leading him to pursue his studies in Computer Science. This path has allowed him to explore the vast and captivating realm of technology while finding his creative outlet.

Presently, Jeremy is fortunate to work as a Game Developer at Pearl Lemon. His responsibilities involve creating 3D models using Blender, engaging in video editing, and designing user interfaces and experiences. He has had the opportunity to contribute to several exciting projects, including five games developed within the company and two for clients. Jeremy’s journey has been an exhilarating one, filled with valuable learning experiences. In his free time, he is also working on his own pixel video game titled “Starry Kites.” Inspired by beloved titles like Stardew Valley and Pokémon, the game is story-driven, and Jeremy is deeply motivated to bring his vision to life and share it with others.

Lately, Jeremy has been immersing himself in various technologies. He is acquiring proficiency in Unity, Lua Scripting, Blender 3D, Python, Java, and HTML & CSS. Recognizing their significance in the fields of game development and computer science, Jeremy thoroughly enjoys experimenting with these tools.

In essence, Jeremy is driven by a mission to blend his passion for technology with creativity. Whether through game development, exploring artificial intelligence, or undertaking web development projects, he aspires to make a meaningful impact in his own unique way. His journey is an exhilarating one, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunities it holds for him in the future.