The story started

Let's Hear From Joshua


Joshua, a South African native, has spent only a few months in his home country over the past two years. Currently residing in North Wales, he has embraced the adjustment and enjoys the unexpectedly pleasant weather compared to the rest of the UK. Sports and staying active are among Joshua’s passions, with football, particularly supporting a prominent North London club, holding a special place in his heart. Additionally, he finds solace in reading, particularly business literature and personal development books. Joshua also has a keen appreciation for history and a strong desire to explore various parts of the world before reaching his thirties.

One of the remarkable aspects of Joshua’s association with Pearl Lemon is the company’s flexible nature, which allows individuals to work from anywhere, aligning with the modern ideals of the contemporary world.

Professionally, Joshua has gained experience across a variety of industries. However, he has discovered that the most essential elements for him are the opportunity to collaborate with people and solve problems. With an educational background in commerce and law, Joshua’s expertise has significantly shaped his current role. He currently leads the legal consultancy department at Pearl Lemon, undertaking the challenging task of establishing an effective legal consultancy. Although it comes with its own set of challenges, Joshua takes pride in the team’s success in finding resolutions that meet customers’ needs through thorough research and diligent efforts.

Despite starting in the legal consultancy department, Joshua’s journey at Pearl Lemon did not begin there. In his first week at the company, he took on the responsibility of managing one of their largest clients, experiencing a trial by fire. Learning on the job and working with intensified dedication, Joshua found himself challenged and engaged, creating a perfect environment for personal and professional growth that Pearl Lemon has continued to foster since his joining.

One aspect that Joshua admires about Pearl Lemon is the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, driven by its founder. The company reliably responds to market demand for products or services that align with their vision. The agility and speed with which the necessary framework is put in place stand as a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the business and its employees. This fast-paced environment means that Joshua may find himself transitioning to another department in the future or staying in his current role. However, one thing he is certain of is that he will be continuously challenged, engaged, and provided with opportunities to grow and contribute to the company’s expansion.