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Let's Hear From Darius


Kenneth Ambas Ellao, a 20-year-old residing in Alfonso Cavite, Philippines, is the eldest child in his family. Currently a second-year IT student, Kenneth is passionate about various hobbies that bring him joy and personal growth.

One of Kenneth’s main hobbies is playing basketball. The sport fuels his competitive spirit and provides him with a sense of satisfaction when making perfect shots. Beyond the physical benefits, basketball teaches him valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

In the digital realm, Kenneth’s go-to hobby is playing Valorant, a multiplayer first-person shooter game. Engaging in intense battles with friends and players from around the world challenges him to think critically, make quick decisions, and work collaboratively to achieve victory. Valorant not only entertains him but also enhances his reflexes, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability in a fast-paced virtual environment.

When seeking a different form of entertainment, Kenneth turns to movies. Watching films allows him to unwind, escape reality, and immerse himself in captivating stories and characters. He appreciates the artistry behind filmmaking, including cinematography, storytelling techniques, and powerful performances. Discussing and analyzing movies with friends deepens his understanding and enjoyment of this art form.

Alongside his active hobbies, Kenneth prioritizes his physical well-being by going to the gym. Regular workouts help him maintain a healthy lifestyle, build strength, and improve overall fitness. Engaging in weightlifting, cardiovascular exercises, and other activities at the gym challenges him, and allows him to set goals, and track his progress. Physical activity not only benefits his body but also enhances his mental well-being, boosts energy levels, and reduces stress.

These four hobbies—basketball, Valorant, movies, and gym workouts—bring balance and fulfillment to Kenneth’s life. Basketball satisfies his competitive nature and promotes teamwork. Valorant challenges his strategic thinking and provides a platform for social interaction. Movies offer relaxation, storytelling, and artistic appreciation. The gym workouts keep him physically fit, mentally refreshed and focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

At Pearl Lemon, Kenneth serves as a Video Editor, a role he has held for six months. In this position, he is responsible for transforming raw footage into polished and engaging videos. This involves selecting and sequencing clips, enhancing visuals with effects and transitions, incorporating music and sound effects, and ensuring a high-quality final product. Kenneth collaborates closely with the creative team to understand the objectives of each video project and align the editing style accordingly.

One of the most exciting aspects of Kenneth’s role is the ability to bring ideas to life through editing techniques. Whether it’s creating captivating intros, adding dynamic text overlays, or incorporating visual effects, he strives to enhance the narrative and capture the attention of the target audience. He also ensures that the videos align with the company’s branding guidelines, maintaining a consistent visual identity across all platforms.