The story started

Let's Hear From Kyla


Kyla recently joined Pearl Lemon Group as an SEO Writer two months ago, where she plays a crucial role in improving the search engine ranking of websites through her content writing. Her primary responsibility is to create high-quality and optimised content such as metadata, opt-in headlines, and FAQs that will gain better visibility and attract organic traffic to the website. Also, she admits that she doesn’t have any work-related experience in writing. However, she has experience in various forms of academic writing, including descriptive essays, research papers, case studies, and more. 

Kyla finds joy and companionship in her family life. She has one beloved sibling who is helping her financially. She is also a fur mom of a beautiful and precious dog who brings endless love, happiness, cuteness, and joy to their household. The presence of her family, both human and fur baby, adds an extra layer of fulfilment and support to Kyla’s life beyond her academics and work.

Apart from her work here, Kyla is also pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, showcasing her commitment to healthcare. Apart from the theoretical and practical aspects of her nursing education, she also has clinical duties at hospitals and health centres. But with the remote nature and flexible schedule of her job at Pearl Lemon Company, she can better manage her nursing duties with her work schedule, allowing her to fulfil obligations while also gaining valuable experience in the digital marketing field.

When Kyla is not busy writing and studying, she indulges in her creative side by playing the bass guitar and engaging in painting. These activities provide her with a means of self-expression and allow her to explore her artistic side outside of her studies and work.

Additionally, when she’s not busy with work and other responsibilities, Kyla enjoys travelling on mini-adventures to nearby areas. Exploring the charm of local towns, and scenic spots, and overlooking views allows her to discover hidden gems and experience new environments. One of her favourite interests during these trips is finding and visiting aesthetic coffee shops that have a peaceful ambience and serve perfectly brewed coffee. These moments of indulgence offer her a peaceful escape from the daily routine, allowing her to taste the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Despite facing some challenges and hardships along her journey in Pearl Lemon, Kyla remains resilient and determined to learn and gain knowledge. She recognises these challenges as valuable lessons, opportunities for growth, personal development, and future success.

Overall, Kyla’s experience here has been excellent and unforgettable! She is very grateful for the abundant growth and career advancement opportunities that Pearl Lemon Company has to offer. She is driven by a strong desire to contribute to the success of the company. Her goal at Pearl Lemon Group is to use her skills and expertise to make a meaningful impact and play an important role in achieving the company’s success. With her determination and commitment, she wants to make a positive difference and help the company succeed in the competitive digital marketing world.