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Let's Hear From Stephen


Stephen is a dedicated professional who works in the gaming industry, currently holding the position of Head of Game Development at Pearl Lemon. With a deep passion for game development, he effectively manages his team while actively engaging in coding, modeling, and bug testing. His ultimate goal is to bring his own character models to life and establish himself as a renowned creator in the gaming world.

Stephen’s expertise lies in meticulously evaluating and supervising the progress of his game development team. He ensures that projects meet the highest standards of quality and align with Pearl Lemon’s vision through diligent review of their work. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Stephen actively participates in coding and modeling, leveraging his technical skills to contribute to the development process. He finds particular fulfillment in honing his modeling skills among his various responsibilities.

Recognizing the significance of creating captivating character models, Stephen dedicates significant time and effort to refining his craft. He understands that continuous improvement is essential in realizing his long-standing dream. His aim is to infuse his own unique artistic style into the gaming experiences he helps create.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Stephen has a diverse set of hobbies. He is an avid reader, immersing himself in the world of light novels to expand his imagination and inspire his creativity. Gaming serves as both entertainment and a source of inspiration for him, and he finds solace in playing games when he is not engrossed in books or working on game development. Exploring virtual worlds and engaging in multiplayer battles provides him with inspiration and fuels his creativity.

Stephen also cherishes physical activity in his life. Running plays an integral role in his routine, serving as an outlet for maintaining physical fitness and mental well-being. The rhythmic motion of running brings him clarity of thought and a sense of accomplishment, which fuels his drive and determination in all aspects of life.

Stephen’s journey in game development exemplifies his unwavering passion for the industry. As the Head of Game Development at Pearl Lemon, he diligently oversees projects, actively engages in coding and modeling, and conducts rigorous bug testing. Simultaneously, he dedicates time to refining his modeling skills, striving to bring his own character models to fruition. With hobbies that include reading light novels, playing games, and running, Stephen embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that fuels his creativity and propels him forward in the dynamic world of game development.