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Let's Hear From Taryn


Taryn Kim Froneman, a 27-year-old from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, currently holds the position of Head of HR at Pearl Lemon. In 2022, she graduated from the University of South Africa with a degree in BCom Business Management, following the completion of her Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences in 2017. After her studies, Taryn developed an interest in Web Development and completed a course on the MERN stack through Udemy.

Looking ahead, Taryn has set goals for her future. She aspires to pursue another degree part-time while eventually starting her own business, once one of her ideas comes to fruition. Additionally, she has a long-term plan to relocate from South Africa to Europe, with a particular preference for the Netherlands.

In her free time, Taryn indulges in her love for reading, especially fiction. She considers herself a bookworm and takes great pleasure in collecting books. Another passion of hers is going on adventures and exploring new places. Each year, she makes it a point to travel to a different location, whether it’s a small town nearby or a road trip around South Africa. Although she has yet to venture beyond South Africa, she dreams of one day traveling the world.

Working in the field of Human Resources brings Taryn immense joy. She deeply values the opportunity to connect with people on personal and professional levels. Through her role in HR, Taryn is able to combine her passion for working with people and her drive for positive change, making a meaningful impact in the workplace.