Anushka Gupta

Web Designer

It has been more than a year since I joined Pearl Lemon, and I must say I have seen a tremendous growth in myself.
Pearl Lemon has been an angel in disguise. From being an intern to a full time and working in a domain that I love, never feels like working.

Airah Beatrice

Head of the Social Media Team

Airah, the Head of the Social Media Team at Pearl Lemon Group, is a versatile employee with a passion for social media marketing and content creation. She started as a Tiktok Content Creator and slowly expanded her skills to become a Video and Graphic Editor before taking .....

Daksh (1)
Daksh Chaudhary

Manager of Web Design Team

Working at Pearl Lemon made me realise my true passion for web development. I love how accommodating everyone was when I first joined and still are. Helping each other grow is part of Pearl Lemon's culture and I can't be more proud to be part of this organisation.

Frances Abbie G. Aquino

Virtual Assistant

Frances Abbie G. Aquino is a virtual assistant at Pearl Lemon. She lives in the Philippines. Frances is turning 24 as she was born on December 18, 1999. To be honest, she has no idea about the actual work of a virtual assistant, but she always hears about it...

Allison Willson

Client Editor

Allison is a client editor for Pearl Lemon. Allison ensures that the register, tone, and flow are consistent and of a high standard throughout all published articles. She takes care of the nitty-gritty details so clients don't have to. Allison feels suited to her position as she has always....

Jeremy Antiquera

Game Developer

Jeremy Antiquera, a 19-year-old student studying Computer Science at De La Salle University - Dasmariñas, is passionate about video games, artificial intelligence, and web development. Currently, he is focused on 3D Model Creation and UI Designin.....


Head of Content

Joanne is a young leader who wears many hats– literally and metaphorically. As the Head of Content, she brings a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and a deep passion for storytelling to the table. With a genuine love for cats, an insatiable appetite for books, an unabashed affinity...

Dash Trusselle - Content Writer (1)
Dash Trusselle

Content Writer

Dash is a full-time content writer, having previously interned with Pearl Lemon. Dash’s primary role involves creating guest blogs for the company, while also assisting in various other writing areas as needed. Dash's work revolves around crafting diverse guest blogs tailored....

Lydia Sims

Operations Director

Lydia is the Operations Director at Pearl Lemon. She joined the company on May 8th, 2019, originally starting as an SEO intern while completing her bachelor's degree in marketing. Lydia discovered Pearl Lemon on Angel List before it rebranded to Wellfound. Initially...

Andrea Denise Lion

Content Writer

Andrea is a content writer at Pearl Lemon Group and is based in Manila, Philippines. She is under the content writing team and she writes content for the web. Andrea’s journey as a content writer began during her college years, where she discovered her love for words and storytelling....

Catherine Reyes

Accountability Manager

Catherine is from Perlas ng Silangan - Philippines. She is the Accountability Manager at Pearl Lemon. She is part of the HR Team and she’s mostly responsible for holding everyone on the team accountable, making sure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing...

Cielo Robles

Content Writer

Cielo is a content writer at Pearl Lemon, and she has an interesting story to share. It all began in the first week of August when a friend asked her if she wanted a job. Without hesitation, she enthusiastically accepted the offer. Cielo officially joined the team on August 31, 2022......

308056758_805737123908138_4626066621245841457_n (1)
Darius Sabulao

Game Development Team

Darius, a resident of the Philippines, is an integral member of the game development department at Pearl Lemon. Serving as Pearl Lemon Games' dedicated streamer, he has been actively contributing to the team for nearly 6 months. While his primary role lies within the Game Dev...

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-01 at 15.05.50
Francis Kyle Tablazon

Content Writer

Francis Kyle Tablazon is a 21-year-old Filipino who is dedicated to advancing in his career. Since his high school days, he has exhibited a strong inclination towards the arts and communication, showcasing his creative abilities. His journey into the realm of creativity commenced....

Ion Farmakides

Sales Director

Ion is the dynamic and fearless Managing Director of the Pearl Lemon Group. With a stellar career spanning over 15 years, he has excelled in business development across the startup and enterprise sectors. Demonstrating his exceptional sales prowess, Ion has ....

Joshua Bridge

Legal Consultant

Joshua, a South African native, has spent only a few months in his home country over the past two years. Currently residing in North Wales, he has embraced the adjustment and enjoys the unexpectedly pleasant weather compared to the rest of the UK. Sports and staying.....

Kenneth Ellao

Video Editor

Kenneth Ambas Ellao, a 20-year-old residing in Alfonso Cavite, Philippines, is the eldest child in his family. Currently a second-year IT student, Kenneth is passionate about various hobbies that bring him joy and personal growth.One of Kenneth's main hobbies is playing basketball...

Lence Benice Cayubit

Accounting Executive

Lence Benice P. Cayubit is a highly motivated student-leader taking up a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. He has served as class president from his freshman year up until now, which helps him.....

Mika Tomada

PR Executive

Mika, a talented PR Specialist, holds a prominent position at Pearl Lemon, where her exceptional communication skills and strategic thinking allow her to elevate brands and forge meaningful connections. With a keen eye for detail, she is responsible for developing ...

Rao Muneeb

SEO Executive

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Sargodha, Pakistan, Muneeb had the privilege of growing up in a supportive environment that shaped his worldview. His father, a dedicated schoolteacher, imparted valuable life lessons during his formative years....

Reynell Breguera

Game Developer

Reynell Breguera is a game developer at Pearl Lemon, having joined the company three months ago. Prior to transitioning into game development, Reynell worked as a CNC programmer for six years but had to temporarily halt his career due to personal reasons during.....

Kya Adriaan

Web Content Writer

Kya is a content writer at Pearl Lemon, responsible for delivering high-quality content to the company. At 21 years old, she is currently in her third year of study at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where she is majoring in Law and Film and Television Studies...

Simeon Lakuc

PR Specialist

Simeon Lakuc Rugette is a modest and dedicated writer with six years of experience, as well as a compassionate PR executive. Simeon possesses a profound appreciation for teamwork and thrives in collaborative environments where he can leverage his writing prowess...

Sophie Campion

Head of Account Management

Sophie is one of the account managers at Pearl Lemon, specializing in delivering exceptional service and meeting her clients' needs. With a genuine care for ensuring the best experience possible, she dedicates herself to providing excellent service and building strong relationships....

Tricia Rozl Badillos

Head of Accounting

When it comes to payments, salaries, queries for working hours in Pearl Lemon Tricia Badillos is the one you should look for. Tricia Rozl Pimentel Badillos is the Head of Accounting dealing with various tasks related to money. She’s the one setting up payroll, paying subscriptions, dealing ....

Taryn Kim Froneman

Head of Human Resources

Taryn Kim Froneman, a 27-year-old from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, currently holds the position of Head of HR at Pearl Lemon. In 2022, she graduated from the University of South Africa with a degree in BCom Business Management, following the completion of her Higher....

Stephen Agabon

Head of Game Dev Teama

Stephen is a dedicated professional who works in the gaming industry, currently holding the position of Head of Game Development at Pearl Lemon. With a deep passion for game development, he effectively manages his team while actively engaging in coding,modeling, ...

Trisha Alyanna Aquino

Content Writer

Trisha Aquino is a remarkable individual who defies the conventional expectations of a college student. With her passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Trisha has become a rising star in content creation while juggling the demands of her full-time studies...

Vibha (1)
Vibha Singh

Head of Content

Vibha holds the esteemed position of Internal Head of Content at the company, where her deep passion for words, music, and literature finds its expression. Writing, for her, goes beyond mere communication; it is a powerful form of self-expression and an artful means of conveying .....

Usman Jatoi Pro Pearl lemon placement
Usman Jatoi

Web Designer

Usman Jatoi, a professional web designer at Pearl Lemon, is known for his fresh perspective and passion for creativity. With a keen eye for design, Usman brings a unique blend of expertise in graphic design, web design, 3D modeling, and video editing to his projects.....

Saurav saho
Saurav Sahoo

SEO Executive

Saurav Sahoo, hailing from India, is a passionate digital marketing enthusiast who eagerly embraces the world of digital marketing to uncover its intricacies and expand his knowledge. With a background in science, Saurav is currently working at Pearl Lemon, a company.....

Saurabh Khajuria

Lead Generation Specialist

Saurabh is a highly dedicated and hardworking professional known for his strong work ethic and attention to detail. He has developed exceptional communication and teamwork skills through his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from.....

Ogunmah Victor L

Content Editor

Ogunmah Victor is known among his close circle as a Material And Metallurgical Engineer. However, in the professional realm, his career takes a different trajectory from his engineering training in the far Eastern part of Nigeria. Victor's journey into the world of business..

Nick Wilson Tapel

Account Executive

Nick Wilson B. Tapel, a 22-year-old residing in General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite Philippines, is a determined individual hailing from Piddig, Ilocos Norte, the historical site of the renowned Basi Revolt. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the ...

Marise Mubili

PR Specialist

Marise Mubili is a PR Specialist at Pearl Lemon, where she has been working for three months, during which her knowledge has grown significantly. Initially starting as a part-time intern, Marise was pleasantly surprised when she was offered a permanent position......

Kyla Navarra

SEO Writer

Kyla recently joined Pearl Lemon Group as an SEO Writer two months ago, where she plays a crucial role in improving the search engine ranking of websites through her content writing. Her primary responsibility is to create high-quality and optimised content such as metadata,.....

Ramos, Zyrille Kaye

Content Writer

Zyrille Ramos is a passionate and skilled content writer who takes pride in contributing her expertise to the remarkable team at Pearl Lemon. With a deep love for words and a keen eye for detail, she excels at creating captivating content that leaves....

Yanzi (1)
Yanzi Prudence J

Content Writer

Nanyanzi Prudence Joan, also known as Yanzi Prudence, hails from Uganda and serves as an editor/writer at the Pearl Lemon Group. With two younger sisters, she assumes the role of the group's "mom." Beyond her professional responsibilities at PLG...

Pearl M. Kasirye

Head of PR

Pearl M. Kasirye is a PR Manager at Pearl Lemon PR. She started working here in 2020 and has worked on several projects with the company over the past few years. She manages PR campaigns, PR Specialists, and internal PR strategies. Pearl has a Bachelor’s degree.....


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