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Let's Hear From Nanyanzi

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Nanyanzi Prudence Joan, also known as Yanzi Prudence, hails from Uganda and serves as an editor/writer at the Pearl Lemon Group. With two younger sisters, she assumes the role of the group’s “mom.” Beyond her professional responsibilities at PLG, Yanzi Prudence is skilled in hairstyling, makeup application, and singing.

Yanzi Prudence’s writing journey began during her high school years when she showcased exceptional proficiency in English and Literature. Since then, her passion for writing has only intensified. The Covid-19 period provided an opportunity for reflection, and despite graduating from university without a job, she channeled her energy and talents into writing.

Sharing her stories on platforms such as WhatsApp status and Facebook, Yanzi Prudence received overwhelmingly positive feedback. In 2021, a friend who had been following her writing sent her a link to a placement opportunity at PLG. Encouraged by this chance, she applied and has been with the company ever since, finding immense joy in her work.

When she is not engrossed in her professional or creative pursuits, Yanzi Prudence can often be found dancing. Her exceptional skills on the dance floor add another facet to her multi-talented nature. Additionally, she has a fondness for ice cream, making it a delightful treat in her life.

In summary, Yanzi Prudence, the multi-talented individual, embraces her diverse skills as an editor, writer, hairstylist, makeup artist, singer, dancer, and lover of ice cream.