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About Mika's Experience!

Hi! I am Mika Tomada from the PR Team!

I have been working here at Pearl Lemon as a PR specialist for 4 and a half months now. And this is my testimonial based on my experiences so far.

So the first thing that is really remarkable, and I’m sure a lot of other members here as well have spoken about this, is learning. The learning value present here in Pearl Lemon is second to none.

There are just a lot of sources and a great application method that made this possible. Not only will you learn and develop professionally, with the help of countless materials like videos, letters, templates, readings, and even the experience of working with people that are already established and continually developing themselves, but you will also learn and develop personally.

There are trainings that will certainly aid you on your way to becoming a greater person than when you entered this area.

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The next thing to talk about here is, yes, the area. The atmosphere and the culture that is present at pearl lemon are some of the best that I’ve seen. The work ethic here is immense, packed, and fast-paced.

It is a way of progressing faster than any competitors. But the principles that are supporting this allow the high pressure to be beneficial. With a positive atmosphere that is seen from the members, you will get comfortable with the uncomfortable and then be able to move on to later stages quickly.

The culture here such as the highly flexible time frame allows members to have breathing room, and to still take things at their own pace.

Without this honestly, things would fall apart. That is why pulling this off is honestly a great feat!

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I have a lot of improvements to still make and so far, there hasn’t been a ceiling that I’ve encountered.

But with that being said, it is best not to undermine how much improvements had already undergone.

One fun fact is that I wasn’t with the PR team in my entire journey here at Pearl Lemon. Would you believe that I started out as a Social Media Manager specializing in Pinterest accounts?

It’s kind of a far stretch from what I am doing right now, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

At pearl lemon, they promote cross-functionality. It is where the value of each member is substantially increased by learning multiple fields. We have a quote here to absolutely overdeliver. And that is a strong suite given that it enables each member to increase in all the aspects they can.

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So far, those are the things about Pearl Lemon that are marked well within me. I can validate all of this with just my experience. So let’s take a turn of the topic into what I have experienced in specific so far.

First and foremost, I will have to include my work as a Pinterest person because that is what introduced me to the company. And by that time, I was completely new. This means that on top of my work, I really need to learn about all the things that are needed in a company. Keeping in mind that I already have an understanding, they still made sure that I have all the information that I need in terms of becoming a part of Pearl Lemon.

I was learning the culture and the ins and outs of the company. Granted that there is a lot of intakes, I was never really overwhelmed. The transition from the general consensus to my actual work knowledge is terrifyingly smooth. There is no pressure, just took my time to indulge in the diverse presence that is here at Pearl Lemon. And did I mention that we are a fully remote company with members from across the globe? Cool right?

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As I was getting comfortable with everything here, I finished my tasks as a social media manager and transitioned into the department where I currently work at right now: Public relations.

This is what I officially signed up for, and it was super nerve-wracking starting out as an intern. I was introduced to the Head of the department, Pearl. The first experiences are a bit shaky given my tendency to literally shake when communicating is involved. From the learning at the Social Media team, I am to take on the task of being a PR specialist. So more readings, yay. But the clutch part in all of this is that, even though I am shaky at communicating (Pearl knows lol), I have now grown into talking more in meetings and presenting ideas to the table. I guess this is what you call, coming out of my shell.

A huge part of the reason why is just the good relationship that members in the  company build. Pearl is such a nice leader, with exceptional ways of teaching me and  phenomenal application methods that boosted my standing point here. There was no pressure in the transition, no bumps, it was utterly consistent and it is actually terrifying! In no time, I did not realize that I was handing out concepts to the table, and exchanging conversations with my team. It is honestly an awesome feeling. Not having to contain my nervousness and just letting out bursts of laughter while conducting serious work (don’t get me).

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Now I stand to a point where I am transitioning to a deeper knowledge in the field of public relations. One thing I can say is that the value I provide is 10x than when I started. My overall attributes have been developed, and my skills are still in development for honing. I am working ever so closely with my team, achieving big feats in the company. With a goal in mind, Pearl Lemon pushes you to take the necessary steps needed to attain that. And that is where I am headed.

I have been working here for 4 months now. This article mentioned a lot of learning, but there is still a lot of learning value here which is awesome! I want to thank my team, Pearl, and Simeone. Thank other people that I work closely with, Bianca, and Nadzwa. Thank all the members and of course Deepak, our founder.