Hey everyone, I’m Purvish.

As a quick introduction – I live in India and am pursuing my bachelor degree in IT. And on the other side, I call myself a Photographer, a Snapchat Lens Creator and a web designer but not a writer (not at all). This is the first time I’m writing a blog ever. I’m not that good at writing but I am doing it because I want to share my experience as an Intern at Pearl lemon, who is doing a job for the first time in life. So, let’s go.

First Impression

It’s been two-months since I started working with pearl lemon, as a front-end web developer & designer. This is my first work experience ever. I have joined Pearl Lemon through their internship program. And I have to say, the way everyone greets you and welcomes you is fascinating. They gave me my own work email right away & nicely narrated how this company or i would say community works and all. But the cherry on the cake was that they also gave me my own caricature. These efforts made me feel that I am part of the company and helped me adapt to the new environment easily. 

My Job

As my work title says, I hold a position as a front-end web developer and designer at Pearl Lemon. My job here is to design various tools and websites for clients as well as Pearl Lemon. Mainly I work under the guidance of Kaushal (He is the Head of Design at PL). He is very supportive & I’ve learnt alot from him. 

What I’ve done so far and My experience

In my initial days, I worked on the designs of some tools, like Lemwords, Serpwizz etc. It was basic HTML, CSS work and I was prepared for that. But I got a reality check while working on these tools. I got to learn that what I like may not be liked by someone else. And it is very important for a designer to understand this because this happens with almost every designer. I’m glad that I got to realize this in the very starting phase. Kaushal helped me a lot to understand how things work professionally and how to create industry standard designs. 

After that I was assigned to build a whole new website for Pearl Lemon’s new venture, Pearl Lemon Web. Pearl Lemon Web provides various different services like Web design & development, App development, E-Commerce Web Design, Fashion Website Design, Web Development Consulting etc. Pearl Lemon Web is a multi-page site and also each page needs to be responsive so that site works seamlessly on every device. 

I had to complete this project in 15 days. This was my first big project and I was so excited to start working on this site. First Pearl lemon’s amazing content writers provided the content for every page. Then we finalized the theme for the website. And after that I started working on the layouts & designs for the pages. Every member of the team was so responsive & helpful and because of them I completed this project in just 10 days. I am very happy with the result, not because it was made by me, I am happy because it was my first site and it gave me a chance to explore myself and interact with different people with different mindsets and morals. It helped me a lot as a trainee and also in improving my personality.

The culture

As I said, in between these processes, I had the opportunity to interact with other team members. And I can definitely say that Pearl Lemon has one of the best interns and team members who are great in their own fields. Everyone is very genuine.

Also at Pearl lemon, Our CEO – Deepak organizes team meetings every week. I would say training instead of meetings because Deepak trains everyone here. I was a little bit nervous for my first meeting but that nervousness faded away instantly when Dee started talking and introduced me and everyone. He urges everyone to turn on their video and mic, and that helps to communicate easily with everyone as well as it feels very personal with each other.

I have learned a lot of things from these training sessions like how to be nice to everyone, how to socialize with others, how to manage the workload, time management, work ethics and so on. I also got to know so much about The Pearl Lemon and its technical aspects and because of that I feel very attached to this community now. 

Working remotely

As I said earlier, I am a college student. I’ve classes to attend and assignments & submissions to work on. So, I obviously can’t work in a physical office right now. Pearl lemon is a remote company and that is one of the main things that attracted me. 

Almost every team member is located in different countries and regions. I can reach out to anyone almost at any time because of all of the different time zones. Company abstract everyone’s productivity via tools. We all use Trackabi to track how much time we work each day, and on what tasks.

It doesn’t really matter when I do company work or when I do my college work. Only thing that matters is that I complete my assigned task within the given deadline and complete my weekly working hours. If I want to take a day off to finish my college submissions or for any other reasons, I just acknowledge them and as long as I finish my assigned work, they don’t mind giving me a leave. Due to this unrestrained environment, I can concentrate on my studies along with my work. 

Final thoughts

It seems like two-months is a very short time period but the things I’ve learned in this period are invaluable. I was a bit nervous & anxious but also excited & happy, because after all it was the first job of my life

I’m excited to see what will be my experience going forward and What other improvements I will see in the next months.

Alright, that’s all for me now! Thank you for giving your time.