Hello👋 I’m Shreyas, SEO Executive at Pearl Lemon. A quick introduction about myself – I’m from India and have finished my Bachelors in Business Administration. I have around 2 years of work experience, with roles such as Financial Analyst and SEO Analyst. My top 3 interests are technology, psychology and food.

It has been one month since I started working at Pearl Lemon. I have gained a good amount of knowledge, in terms of work and mindset. I love the diversity of the workforce and look forward to interacting with everyone. Shoutout to Deepak for giving me this opportunity. 

Adapting to the Pearl Lemon system was a little hard, but as time went and with support of the team it got better. The system of watching videos to learn is a great way to push yourself to learn more. Also, the amount of tools at our disposal is amazing and learning a few of them has been informative.

Work Experience

My first month was filled with learning new things, learning how to build links, using various tools(LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Clearout, Anymail Finder, Mailshake and more) to pull data and building content calendars. Having one year experience in SEO, working on Pearl Lemon tasks I have learnt new/different approaches to tackle work.

Communication and Learning can be challenging when it comes to working remotely. But, here at Pearl Lemon I’ve come across the best efforts to cut down on these two main challenges. Remote work has helped me to spend more time with family and have my work station suited to my comfort which has helped in productivity. 

The Culture

Can confidently say I’m working with quality people. I feel the communication across teams is good given the remote nature of work. Weekly Team Meeting is a great way to keep in touch and learn new things from other people. With the team present all across the world, someone is working at any given time of the day which is crazy when you think about it.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a good first month for me. Looking forward to learning more and using my expertise to tackle new challenges. If you’ve made it this far Thank You for reading. Hope you are doing well and until the next time. Take Care! 😊

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