Hello People, it’s me, Yanzi Prudence, here again. ( i don’t know why I have introduced myself that way, though). I have come to the end of my 2nd month here at Pearl Lemon. Crazy how time flies so fast. 

It still feels like yesterday when I officially started my writing duties. 

And this month has had baggage of its own. The good, the bad, and the tiring. YEA!. Let’s straight up go to the highlights.


Intern of the Month Award.

Judging from my trial week, I didn’t think there was a chance I could be the most appreciated at any one point for my work. In my mind, I thought I was an invisible part of the company, and I stand corrected to this day.

So, I won the intern of the month award, which is my best highlight so far. I felt so honoured, recognized and appreciated for my input. 

I AM PROUD of myself. In my first month, I have this significant achievement. 

FASTER, more productive.

The first month had me work so many hours but on few articles. I could write only one article a day but spend so much on it. I just had no idea about the software’s that would assist me in my work.

Right now, I can write two articles a day, and we’re talking between 1k-1.5k words. Not the best count to brag about, but to me, it’s such a big achievement. 

I have a little more insight into what Pearl Lemon is all about. At the start, I only had basic knowledge about SEO and its practices. Currently, I can make out trends by just reading a title or, in the case of keywords, always knowing what it’s all about before compiling my notes into a blog.

I’m more open to my colleagues. The part about working remotely that not many people grasp wholly is how communication is a must, and the best means for us(at Pearl Lemon) to do so is through Whatsapp and email.

I’m no stranger to the two, but the frequency in which they are used is what was alien to me. I had to learn to respond efficiently, and the best of all tip is “your personal number should and must be different from your Work number.”

That has saved me unnecessary pressure, plus I can separate my social life from work life.


The bad is a highlight too. The major problem I have faced is the different time zones. Most of the time, you might need help from a team member who is not immediately available.

But, for remote workers, that is part of the package.


Now, where do I begin with this one- without compromising my stay at PL :). Working is great. 

Have you heard of the saying “do what you love and you will never have to work in your life”? YES! I’m pretty sure you have heard of it. See, they don’t mention that you can become worn out even when you are doing something you love. 

They didn’t mention that I will have writer’s block; there are just those days when your brain takes a long unnecessary nap.

They didn’t mention that I will fail to meet my deadlines on some occasions( i promise those are few).

Certainly, they didn’t mention that some tasks will be more demanding than they sound( like recording review videos).

But the Beauty………….

Is that this is all part of shaping me into a better writer than I am. I have more confidence than I did 62 days ago; I have awakened the potential in me that I thought I didn’t have. 

And the best of all, I AM NOTICING MYSELF.(partial thanks to the intern of the month award)

GOAL this month

It is to push myself beyond the limits, especially now that my tasks are piling up.