Monthly Partner Update #4 – Amy (Content Writer/PR Partner)

Hi everyone!

Update number 4! I’m can’t believe it’s been this long.

Aside from my usual PR and content writing tasks, I have asked if work was happy to let me do some design tasks and they said yes!

I’ll be starting out small, just some youtube thumbnails – here’s a sneak peek at what I have designed. It’s a pretty simple youtube thumbnail, but I like it. I think simple is best when it comes to thumbnails because they are so smol ;).

I’m hoping that I can get a bit more creative with designs and animations next week when (hopefully), I’ll start making some social media content for Plant Sumo. 

What I’ve Learned Recently:

Every week we do training, sometimes it’s on technical stuff and sometimes it’s more general. For example, the other week we learned how to read Google analytics. Technical, useful. 

However, it’s always the more general and vague lessons that have the most impact on my working life. For example, Deepak taught us the power of ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling.’ Sounds vague right?

It means to show a person what you are doing/will do – instead of just describing it. This is SO much more impactful, quick, practical and communicates some of the things we fail to articulate. 

Everyone is a natural salesman, we edit what we say unconsciously. Showing is the way around this. 

The Month Ahead:

  • Starting to work laterally more (meaning across companies, I’m a little nervous because I’ve been in my comfort zone working for Plant Sumo, but hey – that’s how we grow!
  • A secret new Plant Sumo project (shhh shhh!)
  • Designing social media content (Yay!)
  • I also have my first week off, which is sorely needed!

The learning curve is still going on, which is the most rewarding thing about this programme!


Amy 🙂

Written by Amy - Content Writer

Hi I'm Amy, a content writer for Plant Sumo. I love cooking and baking, but if I'm not in the kitchen then I have a paintbrush in my hand, working on my next masterpiece.

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