Hi Everyone!

In my partnership with Pearl Lemon, I’ve had a fascinating and eventful journey that I would love to share with everyone. My name is Ebo Aneju, and currently, I am a content writer at Pearl Lemon.

I’ve been working with Pearl Lemon for two months, and I think this is a great time to contemplate what I’ve learnt.

Unlike traditional partnerships, there’s no ‘beginner period’ with Pearl Lemon. When you get started, you get straight to the point and start doing the tasks immediately. Even the trial week was quite full-on and challenging!

But don’t be scared off by the intensity because there are always people there to help you. The communication in the Pearl Lemon team is excellent, and you will always know who you can talk to if you have any questions or need help.

When I first joined Pearl Lemon, I was made to feel very welcome with lots of introduction messages from the team. You will never feel stranded at Pearl Lemon! Communicating on WhatsApp makes it feel like one big family instead of a classic office team.

A bit about me

To help you better picture my experience at Pearl Lemon, it’s best if I introduce myself and my background.

I’m 17 and currently doing my A-Levels at Oxford (not the university!). My background is Nigerian, but I’ve spent most of my life growing up in the UK.

As a student, I have to spend a lot of time writing and researching things for notes. So it is nice that I was able to put some skills that I already have into practice and start content writing.

After the recent lockdown, I found myself spending lots of time at home in front of my computer. Online school was not a great experience, and because I wasn’t commuting to school or doing any extra activities because of lockdown- I had a lot of free time.

I wanted to use this free time by doing something productive instead of just scrolling through TikTok! 

When I found the Pearl Lemon placement, I decided to apply for it- I can comfortably say this was the right decision. In the few months I’ve been working at Pearl Lemon, I have learnt more about working in the real world than I could have done from school.

My journey so far

My first couple of weeks at Pearl Lemon was a big learning curve. There were a few things, such as remote working and getting used to dedicating a few hours a day to content writing.

Before my Pearl Lemon placement, I didn’t have a lot of experience with remote work. In the beginning, it did feel quite odd because I didn’t have to go into an actual workplace to complete tasks. Instead, we start our days with WhatsApp and complete the tasks we have to do.

Although it did feel a bit alien at first, I got used to it quite quickly and realised it’s a very productive way of work. It allowed me to have much more flexibility and choose when I work my hours. It also saves time doing long commutes to work and back.

At this time, the majority of my tasks were learning more about the company and its processes. This consisted of going through training videos and getting used to the daily workload.

After I had gone through the training videos, I focused on guest posts. Tasks to do with guest posts teach you a lot about a range of different industries. Guest posts can cover an extensive range of topics and require you to research them to write about them.

After focusing on guest posts and improving my writing and editing skills, I moved to Pearl Lemon property blogs. Blog posts are usually longer than guest posts and require a lot more focus.

When writing for long periods, it’s pretty easy to get distracted. To help with this, I had to change the way I work and write for shorter periods with quick breaks in between. This stopped me from getting distracted and allowed me to work more efficiently.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a house, and I’m not a dedicated property investor, so I had to research a lot about property markets and how they work to write blogs. 

At first, it was pretty challenging to write quite technical blogs with actually correct information. But as I continued and gained more knowledge, it’s become straightforward to write good and informative property blogs.

Coming to a close

My journey at Pearl Lemon has been quite eventful already, and I’m only just starting!

In the subsequent weeks, I will continue writing for Pearl Lemon Properties and Kemistri.

Partnering with Pearl Lemon has given me great opportunities to learn new things and put my skills to the test. 

I hope my next four months at Pearl Lemon will be just as exciting as the last two, and I will be able to share my experiences yet again!


Ebo Aneju

Author bio: I am currently an aspiring social media manager and content writer. But I’m looking to add to this list and grow my experience and skill set.