Hi everyone,

My name is Neelan and I’m a Video Editor here at Pearl Lemon. I am currently in my fifth month as a partner with this company and it’s been a fun experience working with the team. From all the team meetings that I have to communicating on WhatsApp with various members, I can definitely say that I’ve learned a lot throughout my partnership and I look forward to continuing my work with this company. 


One thing new during the week learned


This week, I don’t think I’ve learned anything new, because it’s been the usual. Working on tasks and communicating with the team members. Being a partner with this company during the last few months has been a tremendous learning experience because it has allowed me to understand what it takes to succeed as an individual within Pearl Lemon. For me, working with a team and being able to collaborate on tasks is a fantastic opportunity and I hope to continue that. 



What I would like to do different


I wouldn’t say there’s anything I want to do differently. Overall, working with the team has been a fun experience and I look forward to continuing my work with them. The weekly and individual team meetings are extremely beneficial and these times with the team help me learn more about the company as well as what I can do to improve my knowledge on SEO. Deepak does a tremendous job in helping out everyone on the team understand more about how we can make a mark in the company and the team members that I work with on a daily basis are extremely beneficial. 


What is coming in the next week 


In the next week, I hope to continue with Pearl Lemon and learn more about SEO including YouTube optimization. Some of my tasks include optimizing videos for Plant Sumo, and it’s been a fantastic experience adding in the necessary things so that we can increase awareness on what Plant Sumo is trying to promote.