Hi guys! My name is Yelena (or Lena) and I’m a full time Web designer here at Pearl Lemon. You may remember my name from the last blog that I wrote a month ago, but if not, here it is 🙂 


Not sure what to say, just that time flies by!!! The day after tomorrow I’m travelling back to my home country – Kazakhstan, to apply for a working visa which Pearl Lemon is organising for me. Unbelievable, incredible, grateful feeling but I think I will only actually realise that when I get my passport back with that stamp lol (fingers crossed!).

This past month was intense yet full of amazing stuff: a lot of different interesting projects, a lot of achievements and loads of fun! We finally wrapped up our big project that I was talking about in my previous blog, the one with the jets and unlimited design freedom. I was also asked to create business cards and brochures in a limited amount of time, but I’m happy that the client was more than satisfied with our work. 

When we were working on redesigning their website, we were mainly communicating through gmail, I would prepare all the screens and would send them via Wetransfer to the client, then we would wait for the feedback and what to add/change. Later on, after working for more than a month like this we decided to create a group chat in WhatsApp (I have bought a new sim card and signed up on WhatsApp Business in order to keep my business and personal profiles separated), where I would send different options and the client would comment and provide feedback on the spot. I must say, this way of communicating with clients might not be for everyone, but I believe that the difference between the time that I was waiting for a feedback through email and through WhatsApp was huge, I sent the final versions of business cards and brochures to the client after only one day since I was given that task. (Well I worked non-stop as well lol)

Here’s a sneak peak of some screens:

Besides this amazing project, I am also involved in Pinterest where I create everything from scratch for our other client who manufactures furniture and provides professional interior design services. This project is SO ME, as I adore furniture, decor, interior design, Boho vibes and cozy atmosphere. 

I create different versions of Pins, boards and “stories” pins, I then send drafts for approval via WhatsApp as well, so far I have created 250+ Pins! They only have to be approved now to go live but here are some approved ones: 











All in all, September was great…not including the weather here in London, but inside my heart it’s always summer when I’m doing my favourite job here at Pearl Lemon 🙂 

Please wish me luck with the visa application and thank you all for taking your time reading this blog. 

Talk to you guys soon! 🙂 

– Yelena (Web Designer)

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